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Selected publication explicitly acknowledging the DESY HPC infrastructures. It also includes a few publication without explicit acknowledgment (*) , but which have been reported by Maxwell users, which found the cluster particularly essential for their work.

We can only stumble upon such publications, and are grateful for any pointers to papers (send the reference or paper).

To cite or acknowledge the use of the cluster you could add a line like "This research was supported in part through the Maxwell computational resources operated at Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Hamburg, Germany" to the acknowledgments.

2021 (13)


Scalable spectral solver in Galilean coordinates for eliminating the numerical Cherenkov instability in particle-in-cell simulations of streaming plasmas

Kirchen, Manuel and Lehe, Remi and Jalas, Soeren and Shapoval, Olga and Vay, Jean-Luc and Maier, Andreas RPhys. Rev. E 102, 013202

X-ray screening identifies active site and allosteric inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 main protease

Günther S., et al.

Science 02 Apr 2021: eabf7945

Synchronous RNA conformational changes trigger ordered phase transitions in crystals.Ramakrishnan, S., Stagno, J.R., Conrad, C.E. et al.Nat Commun 12, 1762 (2021).

Active learning of potential-energy surfaces of weakly-bound complexes with regression-tree ensembles

Yahya Saleh, Vishnu Sanjay, Armin Iske, Andrey Yachmenev, Jochen Küpper

arXiv:2104.00708 [physics.chem-ph]

Optimization and stability of a high-gain harmonic generation seeded oscillator amplifier

Georgia Paraskaki, Vanessa Grattoni, Tino Lang, Johann Zemella, Bart Faatz, and Wolfgang Hillert

CMInject: Python framework for the numerical simulation of nanoparticle injection pipelines

Simon Welker, Muhamed Amin, Jochen Küpper

The electronic structure and deexcitation pathways of an isolated metalloporphyrin ion resolved by metal L-edge spectroscopy

K Schubert, M Guo, K Atak, S Dörner, C Bülow et al.Chem. Sci., 2021, Advance Article

Three-dimensional imaging of xylem at cell wall level through near field nano holotomography

Koddenberg, T., Greving, I., Hagemann, J. et al.Sci Rep 11, 4574 (2021)

Exploring key ionic interactions for magnesium degradation in simulated body fluid – A data-driven approach

Berit Zeller-Plumhoff, Melissa Gile, Melissa Priebe, Hanna Slominska, Benjamin Boll, BjörnWiese, TimWürger, RegineWillumeit-Römer, Robert Horst Meißner

Corrosion Science Volume 182, 15 April 2021, 109272

Gaining Insight into the Deformation of Achilles Tendon Entheses in Mice

Julian Sartori, Sebastian Köhring, Stefan Bruns, Julian Moosmann, Jörg U. Hammel
Single-pulse phase-contrast imaging at free-electron lasers in the hard X-ray regimeHagemann, Johannes and Vassholz, Malte and Hoeppe, Hannes and Osterhoff, Markus and Rossell{\'{o}}, Juan M. and Mettin, Robert and Seiboth, Frank and Schropp, Andreas and M{\"{o}}ller, Johannes and Hallmann, J{\"{o}}rg and Kim, Chan and Scholz, Markus and Boesenberg, Ulrike and Schaffer, Robert and Zozulya, Alexey and Lu, Wei and Shayduk, Roman and Madsen, Anders and Schroer, Christian G. and Salditt, TimJ. Synchrotron Rad. (2021). 28, 52-63

Four-Fold Multi-Modal X-ray Microscopy Measurements of a Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cell

Ossig, Christina and Strelow, Christian and Flügge, Jan and Kolditz, Andreas and Siebels, Jan and Garrevoet, Jan and Spiers, Kathryn and Seyrich, Martin and Brückner, Dennis and Pyrlik, Niklas and Hagemann, Johannes and Schropp, Andreas and Carron, Romain and Falkenberg, Gerald and Mews, Alf and Schroer, Christian G. and Kipp, Tobias and Stuckelberger, Michael E.Materials 2021, 14(1), 228

Emergence of universality in the transmission dynamics of COVID-19

Ayan Paul, Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharjee, Akshay Pal, Sagar Chakraborty

The New SARS-CoV-2 Strain Shows a Stronger Binding Affinity to ACE2 Due to N501Y Mutation

Fedaa Ali, Amal Kasry, Muhamed Amin

2020 (33)


New aerodynamic lens injector for single particle diffractive imaging

Nils Roth, Daniel A. Horke, Jannik Lübke, Amit K. Samanta, Armando D. Estillore, Lena Worbs, Nicolai Pohlman, Kartik Ayyer, Andrew Morgan, Holger Fleckenstein, Martin Domaracky, Benjamin Erk, Christopher Passow, Jonathan Correa, Oleksandr Yefanov, Anton Barty, Saša Bajt, Richard A. Kirian, Henry N. Chapman, Jochen Küpper

Assessing the performance of rotational spectroscopy in chiral analysis

Sérgio R. Domingos, Cristóbal Pérez, Mark D. Marshall, Helen O. Leung, Melanie Schnell

Chem. Sci., 2020, 11, 10863-10870
The low-barrier methyl internal rotation in the rotational spectrum of 3-methylphenylacetyleneDaniel A. Obenchain, Pablo Pinacho, Sabrina Zinn, Melanie Schnell

Journal of Molecular Structure, Volume 1213, 2020

Ponderomotively Assisted Ionization Injection in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators

Ming Zeng, Alberto Martinez de la Ossa and Jens OsterhoffNew Journal of Physics

Simulationof artificial and biological nanoparticles’ trajectories in hybrid force-fieldsSimon WelkerBachelor thesis

Ponderomotive Injection in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators

Ming Zeng, Alberto Martinez de la Ossa, Jens Osterhoff


Fangohr, M. Beg, M. Bergemann, V. Bondar, S. Brockhauser, C. Carinan, R. Costa,F. Dall’Antonia, C. Danilevski, J. C. E, W. Ehsan, S. G. Esenov, R. Fabbri, S. Fangohr, G. Flucke,C. Fortmann, D. Fulla Marsa, G. Giovanetti, D. Goeries, S. Hauf, D. G. Hickin, T. Jarosiewicz5,E. Kamil, M. Karnevskiy, Y. Kirienko, A. Klimovskaia, T. A. Kluyver, M. Kuster, L. Le Guyader,A. Madsen, L. G. Maia, D. Mamchyk, L. Mercadier, T. Michelat, J. Möller, I. Mohacsi, A. Parenti,M. Reiser, R. Rosca, D. B. Rueck, T. Rüter, H. Santos, R. Schaffer, A. Scherz, M. Scholz, A. Silenzi,M. Spirzewski5, J. Sztuk, J. Szuba, S. Trojanowski, K. Wrona, A. A. Yaroslavtsev, J. Zhu

17th Int. Conf. on Acc. and Large Exp. Physics Control Systems

HEPfit: a code for the combination of indirect and direct constraints on high energy physics models

de Blas, J., Chowdhury, D., Ciuchini, M. et al. Eur. Phys. J. C 80, 456 (2020).

The 1-Megapixel pnCCD Detector for the Small Quantum Systems Instrument at the European XFEL: System and Operation Aspects

Markus Kuster, Karim Ahmed, Kai-Erik Ballak, Cyril Danilevski, Marko Ekmedžić, Bruno Fernandes, Patrick Gessler, Robert Hartmann, Steffen Hauf, Peter Holl, Michael Meyer, Jacobo Montaño, Astrid Münnich, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Nils Rennhack, Tonn Rüter, Daniela Rupp, Dieter Schlosser, Kiana Setoodehnia, Rüdiger Schmitt, Lothar Strüder, Rico Mayro P. Tanyag, Anatoli Ulmer, Hazem Yousef

Consolidating the interactive analysis and Grid infrastructure at DESY

C. Beyer, T. Finnern, M. Flemming, A. Gellrich, T. Hartmann, Y. Kemp, B. Lewendel, J. Reppin, K. Sever, S. Sternberger, C. Voss

EPJ Web of Conferences 245, 07003 (2020)

Beyond HEP: Photon and accelerator science computing infrastructure at DESY

C. Beyer, S. Bujack, S. Dietrich, T. Finnern, M. Flemming, P. Fuhrmann, M. Gasthuber, A. Gellrich, V. Guelzow, T. Hartmann, J. Reppin, et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences 245, 07036 (2020)
Novel Concepts and Theoretical Studies forHigh-Quality Plasma-Based AcceleratorsÁngel Ferran PousaPhD thesis

Synchrotron X-ray fluorescence imaging of strontium incorporated into the enamel and dentine of wild-shot orangutan canine teeth

M. Christopher Deana, Adeline Le Cabec, Stijn J.M.Van Malderen, Jan Garrevoet

Archives of Oral Biology, Volume 119, 2020

Harnessing the power of an X-ray laser for serial crystallography of membrane proteins crystallized in lipidic cubic phase

Ming-Yue Lee, James Geiger, Andrii Ishchenko, Gye Won Han, Anton Barty, Thomas A. White, Cornelius Gati, Alexander Batyuk, Mark S. Hunter, Andrew Aquila, Sébastien Boutet, Uwe Weierstall, Vadim Cherezovb, Wei LiuaIUCrJ Volume 7| Part 6| November 2020| Pages 976-984

Hard X-ray wavefront correction via refractive phase plates made by additive and subtractive fabrication techniques

Frank Seiboth, Dennis Brückner, Maik Kahnt, Mikhail Lyubomirskiy, Felix Wittwer, Dmitry Dzhigaev, Tobias Ullsperger, Stefan Nolte, Frieder Koch, Christian David, Jan Garrevoet, Gerald Falkenberg, Christian G. Schroer

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2020). 27, 1121-1130

Pushing the temporal resolution in absorption and Zernike phase contrast nanotomography: enabling fast in situ experiments

Silja Flenner, Malte Storm, Adam Kubec, Elena Longo, Florian Döring, Daniël M. Pelt, Christian David, Martin Müller, Imke GrevingJ. Synchrotron Rad. (2020). 27, 1339-1346

Approaching black-box calculations of pump-probe fragmentation dynamics of polyatomic molecules

Denis S. Tikhonov, Amlan Datta, Pragya Chopra, Amanda L. Steber, Bastian Manschwetus und Melanie Schnell

Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie Band 234: Heft 7-9

Angular emission distribution of O 1s photoelectrons of uniaxially oriented methanol

L Kaiser, K Fehre, N M Novikovskiy, J Stindl, D Tsitsonis, G Gopakumar, I Unger,, J Söderström, O Björneholm, M Schöffler, T Jahnke, R Dörner, F Trinter, Ph V Demekhin

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume 53, Number 19

Interatomic resonant Auger effect in N2O

Sascha Deinert, Alexander Schrodt, Gregor Hartmann, Alexander Achner, Anton N Artemyev, Arno Ehresmann, Andreas Hans, Markus Ilchen, Leif Glaser, Frank Scholz, Jörn Seltmann, Jens Viefhaus, Philipp V Demekhin, André Knie

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume 53, Number 22

Dynamically induced doublon repulsion in the Fermi-Hubbard model probed by a single-particle density of states

V. N. Valmispild, C. Dutreix, M. Eckstein, M. I. Katsnelson, A. I. Lichtenstein, E. A. Stepanov

Socio-economic disparities and COVID-19 in the USA

Ayan Paul, Philipp Englert, Melinda Varga

Proof-of-concept for 2D/CT element analysis of entire cryofrozen islets of Langerhans using a cryoloop synchrotron X-ray fluorescence setup

Björn De Samber, Mohammed Bensellam, Stijn J. M. Van Malderen, Frank Seiboth, Dennis Brückner, Jan Garrevoet, Gerald Falkenberg, Jean-Christophe Jonas, Laszlo Vinczea

J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2020,35, 1368-1379

Controlled density-downramp injection in a beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator

Alexander Knetsch, Bridget Sheeran, Lewis Boulton, Pardis Niknejadi, Kristjan Põder, Lucas Schaper, Ming Zeng, Simon Bohlen, Gregory Boyle, Theresa Brümmer, James Chappell, Richard D'Arcy, Severin Diederichs, Brian Foster, Matthew James Garland, Pau Gonzalez Caminal, Bernhard Hidding, Vladislav Libov, Carl Andreas Lindstrøm, Alberto Martinez de la Ossa, Martin Meisel, Trupen Parikh, Bernhard Schmidt, Sarah Schröder, Gabriele Tauscher, Stephan Wesch, Paul Winkler, Jonathan Wood, Jens Osterhoff

Photon statistics and signal to noise ratio for incoherent diffraction imaging

Fabian Trost, Kartik Ayyer, Henry Chapman

Getting High: High Fidelity Simulation of High Granularity Calorimeters with High Speed

Erik Buhmann, Sascha Diefenbacher, Engin Eren, Frank Gaede, Gregor Kasieczka, Anatolii Korol, Katja Krüger

Observation of electric-quadrupole infrared transitions in water vapor

Alain Campargue, Samir Kassi, Andrey Yachmenev, Aleksandra A. Kyuberis, Jochen Küpper, and Sergei N. Yurchenko

Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023091

Catalytic cleavage of HEAT and subsequent covalent binding of the tetralone moiety by the SARS-CoV-2 main proteaseSebastian Günther, Patrick Y. A. Reinke, Dominik Oberthuer, et al.

Structural control for the coordinated assembly into functional pathogenic type-3 secretion systems

Nikolaus Goessweiner-Mohr, Vadim Kotov, Matthias J. Brunner, Julia Mayr, Jiri Wald, Lucas Kuhlen, Sean Miletic, Oliver Vesper, Wolfgang Lugmayr, Samuel Wagner, Frank DiMaio, Susan Lea, Thomas C. Marlovits

Plasma eyepieces for petawatt class lasers

Ming Zeng, Alberto Martinez de la OssaKristjan Poder, Jens Osterhoff

 Physics of Plasmas 27, 023109

Full 3D + 1 modeling of tilted-pulse-front setups for single-cycle terahertz generation

JOSAB, Vol. 37(4),1000-1007

Correlated X-ray Ptychography and Fluorescence Nano-Tomography on the Fragmentation Behavior of an Individual Catalyst Particle during the Early Stages of Olefin Polymerization

Koen W. Bossers, Roozbeh Valadian, Silvia Zanoni, Remy Smeets, Nic Friederichs, Jan Garrevoet, Florian Meirer, and Bert M. Weckhuysen


pinkIndexer – a universal indexer for pink-beam X-ray and electron diffraction snapshots (*)

Gevorkov, Y., Barty, A., Brehm, W., White, T. A., Tolstikova, A., Wiedorn, M. O., Meents, A., Grigat, R.-R., Chapman, H. N. & Yefanov, O.Acta Cryst. A76.

Ghost imaging at an XUV free-electron laser.Young Yong Kim, Luca Gelisio, Giuseppe Mercurio, Siarhei Dziarzhytski, Martin Beye, Lars Bocklage, Anton Classen, Christian David, Oleg Yu. Gorobtsov, Ruslan Khubbutdinov, Sergey Lazarev, Nastasia Mukharamova, Yuri N. Obukhov, Benedikt Rösner, Kai Schlage, Ivan A. Zaluzhnyy, Günter Brenner, Ralf Röhlsberger, Joachim von Zanthier, Wilfried Wurth, and Ivan A. Vartanyants.

Phys. Rev. A 2020 101, 013820.

2019 (24)


Coherent X-ray Imaging of CO-Adsorption-Induced Structural Changes in Pt Nanoparticles: Implications for Catalysis. ACS

Manuel Abuin, Young Yong Kim, Henning Runge, Satishkumar Kulkarni, Simon Maier, Dmitry Dzhigaev, Sergey Lazarev, Luca Gelisio, Christoph Seitz, Marie-Ingrid Richard, Tao Zhou, Vedran Vonk, Thomas F. Keller, Ivan A. Vartanyants, Andreas Stierle. Applied Nano Materials 2019, 2 (8) , 4818-4824.

On-chip crystallization for serial crystallography experiments and on-chip ligand-binding studies

Lieske, J., Cerv, M., Kreida, S., Komadina, D., Fischer, J., Barthelmess, M.,  Fischer, P., Pakendorf, T., Yefanov, O., Mariani, V., Seine, T., Ross, B. H., Crosas, E., Lorbeer, O., Burkhardt, A., Lane, T. J., Guenther, S., Bergtholdt, J., Schoen, S., Tornroth-Horsefield, S., Chapman, H. N. & Meents, A.

IUCrJ 6, 714-728.

Time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography at the European XFEL.Pandey, S., Bean, R., Sato, T. et al.Nat Methods 17, 73–78 (2020).

Membrane protein megahertz crystallography at the European XFEL.Gisriel, C., Coe, J., Letrun, R. et al.Nat Commun 10, 5021 (2019).

Evaluation of serial crystallographic structure determination within megahertz pulse trains

O. Yefanov et al.Structural Dynamics 6, 064702 (2019);

1 kHz fixed-target serial crystallography using a multilayer monochromator and an integrating pixel detector

Tolstikova, A., Levantino, M., Yefanov, O., Hennicke, V., Fischer, P., Meyer, J., Mozzanica, A., Redford, S., Crosas, E., Opara, N. L., Barthelmess, M., Lieske, J., Oberthuer, D., Wator, E., Mohacsi, I., Wulff, M., Schmitt, B., Chapman, H. N. & Meents, A.IUCrJ 6, 927-937

XGANDALF – extended gradient descent algorithm for lattice finding (*)

Gevorkov, Y., Yefanov, O., Barty, A., White, T. A., Mariani, V., Brehm, W., Tolstikova, A., Grigat, R.-R. & Chapman, H. N.Acta Cryst. A75, 694-704

𝙷𝙴𝙿𝚏𝚒𝚝: a Code for the Combination of Indirect and Direct Constraints on High Energy Physics Models

Jorge de Blas, Debtosh Chowdhury, Marco Ciuchini, Antonio M. Coutinho, Otto Eberhardt, Marco Fedele, Enrico Franco, Giovanni Grilli di Cortona, Victor Miralles, Satoshi Mishima, Ayan Paul, Ana Penuelas, Maurizio Pierini, Laura Reina, Luca Silvestrini, Mauro Valli, Ryoutaro Watanabe, Norimi Yokozaki

Strain analysis from M-edge resonant inelastic X-ray scattering of nickel oxide films

P. S. Miedema,N. Thielemann-Kühn, I. Alonso Calafell, C. Schüßler-Langeheine, M. BeyePhys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2019, 21, 21596-21602

Demonstration of a compact plasma accelerator powered by laser-accelerated electron beams

T. Kurz, T. Heinemann, M. F. Gilljohann, Y. Y. Chang, J. P. Couperus Cabadağ, A. Debus, O. Kononenko, R. Pausch, S. Schöbel, R. W. Assmann, M. Bussmann, H. Ding, J. Götzfried, A. Köhler, G. Raj, S. Schindler, K. Steiniger, O. Zarini, S. Corde, A. Döpp, B. Hidding, S. Karsch, U. Schramm, A. Martinez de la Ossa, A. Irman

INTEGRATION OF AN XFELO AT THE EUROPEAN XFEL FACILITYP. Rauer, I. Bahns, W. Hillert, J. Rossbach, W. Decking, Harald Sinn

Intrinsic energy spread and bunch length growth in plasma-based accelerators due to betatron motionFerran Pousa, A., Martinez de la Ossa, A. & Assmann, R.W.Sci Rep 9, 17690 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41598-019-53887-8

Megahertz single-particle imaging at the European XFEL

Egor Sobolev, Serguey Zolotarev, Klaus Giewekemeyer, Johan Bielecki, Kenta Okamoto, Hemanth K. N. Reddy, Jakob Andreasson, Kartik Ayyer, Imrich Barak, Sadia Bari, Anton Barty, Richard Bean, Sergey Bobkov, Henry N. Chapman, Grzegorz Chojnowski, Benedikt J. Daurer, Katerina Dörner, Tomas Ekeberg, Leonie Flückiger, Oxana Galzitskaya, Luca Gelisio, Steffen Hauf, Brenda G. Hogue, Daniel A. Horke, Ahmad Hosseinizadeh, Vyacheslav Ilyin, Chulho Jung, Chan Kim, Yoonhee Kim, Richard A. Kirian, Henry Kirkwood, Olena Kulyk, Romain Letrun, Duane Loh, Marc Messerschmidt, Kerstin Mühlig, Abbas Ourmazd, Natascha Raab, Andrei V. Rode, Max Rose, Adam Round, Takushi Sato, Robin Schubert, Peter Schwander, Jonas A. Sellberg, Marcin Sikorski, Alessandro Silenzi, Changyong Song, John C. H. Spence, Stephan Stern, Jolanta Sztuk-Dambietz, Anthon Teslyuk, Nicusor Timneanu, Martin Trebbin, Charlotte Uetrecht, Britta Weinhausen, Garth J. Williams, P Lourdu Xavier, Chen Xu, Ivan Vartanyants, Victor Lamzin, Adrian Mancuso, Filipe R. N. C. Maia

Full 3D+1 modelling of the tilted-pulse-front setups for single-cycle terahertz generation.Wang, Lu & Kroh, Tobias & Matlis, Nicholas & Kärtner, Franz.

A load frame for in situ tomography at PETRA IIIJulian Moosmann; D. C. Florian Wieland; Berit Zeller-Plumhoff; Silvia Galli; Diana Krüger; Alexey Ershov; Silke Lautner; Julian Sartori; Mason Dean; Sebastian Köhring; Hilmar Burmester; Thomas Dose; Niccoló Peruzzi; Ann Wennerberg; Regine Willumeit-Römer; Fabian Wilde; Philipp Heuser; Jörg U. Hammel; Felix Beckmann

Plasma Lenses for Relativistic Laser Beams in Laser Wakefield Accelerators

Ming Zeng, Alberto Martinez de la Ossa, Kristjan Poder, Jens Osterhoff

Megapixels @ Megahertz -- The AGIPD High-Speed Cameras for the European XFEL

Ulrich Trunk, Aschkan Allahgholi, Julian Becker, Annette Delfs, Roberto Dinapoli, Peter Göttlicher, Heinz Graafsma, Dominic Greiffenberg, Helmut Hirsemann, Stefanie Jack, Alexander Klyuev, Hans Krüger, Manuela Kuhn, Torsten Laurus, Alessandro Marras, Davide Mezza, Aldo Mozzanica, Jennifer Poehlsen, Ofir Shefer Shalev, Igor Sheviakov, Bernd Schmitt, Jörn Schwandt, Xintian Shi, Sergej Smoljanin, Jiaguo Zhang, Manfred ZimmerNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, V.942

The Karabo distributed control system

Steffen Hauf, Burkhard Heisen, et al.

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2019). 26

Compact Multistage Plasma-Based Accelerator Design for Correlated Energy Spread Compensation

A. Ferran Pousa, A. Martinez de la Ossa, R. Brinkmann, and R. W. Assmann

Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 054801

Recovery of High-Energy Photoelectron Circular Dichroism through Fano Interference

G. Hartmann, M. Ilchen, Ph. Schmidt, C. Küstner-Wetekam, C. Ozga, F. Scholz, J. Buck, F. Trinter, J. Viefhaus, A. Ehresmann, M. S. Schöffler, A. Knie, and Ph. V. Demekhin

Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 043202

A First Look on 3D Effects in Open Axion Haloscopes

Stefan Knirck, Jan Schütte-Engel, Alexander J. Millar, Javier Redondo, Olaf Reimann, Andreas Ringwald, Frank D. Steffen

Preparing for high-repetition rate hard x-ray self-seeding at the European X-ray Free Electron Laser: Challenges and opportunities

Shan Liu, Winfried Decking, Vitali Kocharyan, Evgeni Saldin, Svitozar Serkez, Roman Shayduk, Harald Sinn, and Gianluca Geloni

Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 22, 060704

Hybrid LWFA–PWFA staging as a beam energy and brightness transformer: conceptual design and simulations

de la Ossa, A. Martinez; Assmann, R. W.; Bussmann, M.; Corde, S.; Cabadag, J. P. Couperus; Debus, A.; Doepp, A.; Pousa, A. Ferran; Gilljohann, M. F.; Heinemann, T.; Hidding, B.; Irman, A.; Karsch, S.; Kononenko, O.; Kurz, T.; Osterhoff, J.; Pausch, R.; Schoebel, S.; Schramm, U.



10th Int. Partile Accelerator Conf.IPAC2019, Melbourne, AustraliaJACoW Publishing

Megahertz serial crystallographyMax O. Wiedorn et al.Nature Communications volume 9, Article number: 4025 (2018)

Electronic structure changes upon lithium intercalation into graphite – Insights from ex situ and operando x-ray Raman spectroscopy

Ulrike Boesenberg, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Dennis Nordlund, Tsu-Chien Weng, Evgeny Gorelov, Thomas J. Richardson, Robert Kostecki, Jordi Cabana

Intrinsic Stabilization of the Drive Beam in Plasma-Wakefield Accelerators

A. Martinez de la Ossa, T. J. Mehrling, and J. Osterhoff

Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 064803

Correlated Energy Spread Compensation in Multi-Stage Plasma-Based Accelerators

A. Ferran Pousa, A. Martinez de la Ossa, R. Brinkmann, R. W. Assmann

High efficiency terahertz generation in a multi-stage system

Opt. Express 26, 29744-29768 (2018)

Limitations on Energy Spread and Bunch Duration in Plasma-Based Accelerators Due to Betatron Motion

A. Ferran Pousa, R. W. Assmann, A. Martinez de la Ossa

The Adaptive Gain Integrating Pixel Detector at the European XFEL

A.Allahghol et al.

Simulation studies for the MADMAX axion direct detection experiment

J. Schütte-Engel and the MADMAX collaboration

Synchronous acceleration with tapered dielectric-lined waveguides

F. Lemery, K. Floettmann, P. Piot, F. X. Kärtner, and R. Aßmann

Phys. Rev. Accel. Beam (2018)

Accurate modeling of the hose instability in plasma wakefield accelerators

T. J. Mehrling, C. Benedetti, C. B. SchroederA. Martinez de la Ossa, J. Osterhoff, E. Esarey, W. P. Leemans

Physics of Plasmas (2018)

Design strategies for single-cycle ultrafast electron guns

A.Fallahi and F. Kärtner

J.Physics B (2018)

Analytical model for the uncorrelated emittance evolution of externally injected beams in plasma-based accelerators

A.Aschikhin, T.J.Mehrling, A. Martinez de la Ossa, J.OsterhoffNIMA (2018)

Beam quality preservation studies in a laser-plasma accelerator with external injection for EuPRAXIA

E.Svystun, R.W.Assmann, U.Dorda, A.Ferran Pousa, T.Heinemann, B.Marchetti, A.Martinez de la Ossa, P.A.Walker, M.K.Weikum, J.Zhu


X-ray spectroscopy on the active ion in laser crystals

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2017,19, 21800-21806

Optimizing density down-ramp injection for beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerators

A. Martinez de la Ossa, Z. Hu, M. J. V. Streeter, T. J. Mehrling, O. Kononenko, B. Sheeran, and J. Osterhoff

Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams (2017)

Data Analysis Support in Karabo at European XFEL

H. Fangohr, M. Beg, V. Bondar, D. Boukhelef, S. Brockhauser, C. Danilevski, W. Ehsan, S.G. Esenov, G. Flucke, G. Giovanetti, D. Goeries, S. Hauf, B.C. Heisen, D.G. Hickin, D. Khakhulin, A. Klimovskaia, M. Kuster, P.M. Lang, L.G. Maia, L. Mekinda, T. Michelat, A. Parenti, G. Previtali, H. Santos, A. Silenzi, J. Sztuk-Dambietz, J. Szuba, M. Teichmann, K. Weger, J. Wiggins, K. Wrona, C. Xu, S. Aplin, A. Barty, M. Kuhn, V. Mariani, T. Kluyver

An Adiabatic Phase-Matching Accelerator

F. Lemery, K. Floettmann, P. Piot, F. X. Kärtner, R. Aßmann

Chirp Mitigation of Plasma-Accelerated Beams by a Modulated Plasma Density

R. Brinkmann, N. Delbos, I. Dornmair, M. Kirchen, R. Assmann, C. Behrens, K. Floettmann, J. Grebenyuk, M. Gross, S. Jalas, T. Mehrling, A. Martinez de la Ossa, J. Osterhoff, B. Schmidt, V. Wacker, and A. R. Maier

Phys. Rev. Lett. (2017)

Mitigation of the Hose Instability in Plasma-Wakefield Accelerators

T. J. Mehrling, R. A. Fonseca, A. Martinez de la Ossa, and J. Vieira

Phys. Rev. Lett. (2017)

2016 and earlier

Efficient numerical modelling of the emittance evolution of beams with finite energy spread in plasma wakefield accelerators

T.J.Mehrling, R.E.Robson, J-H.Erbe, J.OsterhoffNIMA (2016)

The FLASHForward facility at DESY

A.Aschikhin, C.Behrens, S.Bohlen, J.Dale, N.Delbos, L.di Lucchio, E.Elsen, J.-H.Erbe, M.Felber, B.Foster, L.Goldberg, J.Grebenyuk, J.-N.Gruse, B.Hidding, ZhanghuH, S.Karstensen. A.Knetsch, O.Kononenko, V.Libov, K.Ludwig, A.R.Maier, A.Martinez de la Ossa, T.Mehrling, C.A.J.Palmer, F.Pannek, L.Schaper, H.Schlarb, B.Schmidt, S.Schreiber, J.-P.Schwinkendorf, H.Steel, M.Streeter, G.Tauscher, V.Wacker, S.Weichert, S.Wunderlich, J.Zemella, J.Osterhoff

NIMA (2015)

Wakefield-induced ionization injection in beam-driven plasma accelerators

A. Martinez de la OssaT. J. Mehrling, L. Schaper, M. J. V. Streeter, and J. Osterhoff

Physics of Plasmas (2015)

HiPACE: a quasi-static particle-in-cell code

T Mehrling, C Benedetti, C B Schroeder and J Osterhoff Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Volume 56, Number 8

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