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  • Set up in 2007 in the realm of the Helmholtz Alliance Physics at the Terascale
  • Initially meant for users of German institutes participating in ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, ILC and CALICE
  • Broadened the scope to BELLE and HERA experiments


  • Set up in 2007 at DESY - Hamburg and Zeuthen site
  • in 2013 started NAF 2.0 - a reimplementation
  • in 2014 completed migration from NAF 1.0 to NAF 2.0
  • ... but always speak as NAF when speaking about the project per se.

Technology in a nutshell

  • A large batch facility
  • Some interactive WGS in front of it - using username and password
  • Access to all experiment data present at DESY (dCache)
  • Access to fast cluster file systems
  • Support from DESY and experiments groups

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