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'condor_submit i' is probably the fastest way to get you running on the NAF as this will result in a ssh-login on a workernode with the batch environment in a default slot with 1 core, 2gb of memory and 3h runtime:

[chbeyer@htc-it02]~/htcondor/testjobs% condor_submit -i
Submitting job(s).
1 job(s) submitted to cluster 1389.
Waiting for job to start...
Welcome to!
You will be logged out after 7200 seconds of inactivity.

Even more sophisticated for debugging purpose you can run 'condor_submit i <your_submit_file>' which will run your job and give you an interactive ssh-login in the slot on the workernode where the job is running:

example later

Another way to interact with a running batchjob is 'condor_ssh_to_job <JOBID>' which gives you an interactive login on the jobslot of the given job:

example later
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