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The Maxwell cluster allows to bring in group resources to become part of the cluster. The Maxwell cluster is organized in (SLURM) partitions which can be tuned to meet the individual requirements. In general, group partitions can be configured to be available for all Maxwell users, but prioritizing group members for their partitions, removing all "hostile" jobs within an adjustable period of time. Advance reservations are currently only possible for SLURM admins, but we are working on it. Let us know if you need to reserve nodes in advance!

The current partition scheme

  • The Maxwell partition. This is the default partition containing. If you don't specify a partition, your jobs are scheduled for the maxwell partition.
  • The EXFEL partitions for European XFEL groups and external users
  • The Photon Science partition for members of FS. Use -p ps to select the photon science partition.
  • The PSX partition for external Photon Science users. Use -p psx to select this partition.
  • The CFEL partition consisting of the resources of the CFEL-DESY groups. Use -p cfel to select this partition.
  • The CSSB partition consisting of CSSB resources. Use -p cssb to select this partition.
  • The PETRA4 partition consisting of resources for Petra4 design.
  • The XFEL partitions for operation and simulation of the XFEL accelerator at DESY.
  • The CMS partitions.
  • The ALL partition consisting of almost all nodes from the all partitions. Use -p all to select this partition. Please note that preemption-rules apply!

There are more partitions in maxwell. Have a look at the partition overview also for the job limits applying!

Check out the hardware pages for details of all nodes available as well as for individual partitions.

Login Nodes / Job-Submission Hosts

For the various partitions and hardware platforms different login nodes are available, mostly for compilation and tests of applications requiring specific hardware. Job-Submission can always be done from any of the login nodes, regardless of the partition or hardware requested.  A quick overview over available login nodes:

Login namePartitionAccessScopeURLComments
max-displayNONEany maxwell usergeneric graphical login nodes from outside
max-wgsNONEany maxwell usergeneric login nodes
remote via bastion
max-wgsaNONEany maxwell usergeneric login nodes
will be decommissioned
European XFEL
max-exflEXFEL, UPEXEXFEL members & usersinteractive CPU node for EXFEL
remote via bastion
max-exfl-displayEXFEL, UPEXEXFEL members & usersgraphical login node
coming soon
Photon Science
max-fscPSFS membersinteractive CPU node via bastion
max-fsgPSFS membersinteractive GPU node via bastion
desy-ps-cpuPSXExternal Photon Science usersinteractive CPU node via desy-ps-ext
desy-ps-gpuPSXExternal Photon Science usersinteractive GPU node via desy-ps-ext
max-novaNONEnova users onlygraphical login nodes for the NOVA project from outside
max-cfelCFELCFEL DESY usersinteractive CPU nodes for CFEL
remote via bastion
max-cfelgCFELCFEL DESY usersinteractive GPU nodes for CFEL
remote via bastion
max-cssb-displayCSSBALL CSSB maxwell usersgraphical login nodes for CSSB
max-cssbaCSSB, UKEMembers of the UKE group in CSSBinteractive CPU node for UKE@CSSB
remote via bastion

A list of all nodes with some hardware specs can be found on the hardware page.

Resources and Partitions

If you are uncertain which partitons you are allowed, you can check it using simple scriplets:

Resource overview
# from any SL6, Centos7 node on campus (for example pal, bastion, desy-ps-ext)
my-resources   # gives a short overview of the major resources
       Resource   Access   URL                             Comments                                                     
General Resources      
      desycloud      yes     
            afs      yes   /afs/         
         oracle      yes            

Compute Resources      
           bird       no             ask for the batch resource                        
        maxwell       no          ask for the maxwell resource          
  exfel@maxwell       no          please contact                             
   upex@maxwell       no          please contact                             
   cfel@maxwell       no          please contact CFEL DESY admins                               
     ps@maxwell       no          please contact                                  
    psx@maxwell       no          please contact                                  
   cssb@maxwell       no          please contact                             
 petra4@maxwell       no          please contact MPY admins                                     
   xfel@maxwell       no          please contact MPY admins                                     

Atlassian Tools        
     confluence      yes    
           jira       no            ask your group admins for jira access                         
          stash       no            ask your group admins for stash access                        
         bamboo       no           ask your group admins for bamboo access                       
yes: you have access. no:  you don't have access.

# on any of the maxwell login nodes
my-partitions  # gives a detailed overview of all partitions available in maxwell
Partition overview
# on any of the maxwell login nodes
my-partitions  # gives a detailed overview of all partitions available in maxwell

       Partition   Access   Allowed groups                                                                               
            all      yes   all                           
           cfel       no   cfel-wgs-users                
            cms       no   max-cms-uhh-users,max-cms-desy-users
       cms-desy       no   max-cms-desy-users            
        cms-uhh       no   max-cms-uhh-users             
           cssb       no   max-cssb-users                
      epyc-eval      yes   all                           
          exfel       no   exfel-wgs-users               
      exfel-spb       no   exfel-theory-users,school-users
       exfel-th       no   exfel-theory-users            
   exfel-theory       no   exfel-theory-users            
     exfel-wp72       no   exfel-theory-users            
        fspetra       no   max-fspetra-users             
           grid       no   max-grid-users                
           jhub      yes   all                           
        maxwell       no   maxwell-users,school-users    
            p06       no   max-p06-users                 
         petra4       no   p4_sim                        
             ps       no   max-ps2-users                 
            psx       no   max-psx2-users                
            uke       no   max-uke-users                 
           upex       no   upex-users,school-users       
     xfel-guest       no   max-xfel-guest-users,p4_sim   
        xfel-op       no   max-xfel-op-users             
       xfel-sim       no   max-xfel-sim-users            

Viewing the partition scheme

Simply ssh to any of the login nodes and run sview to get an overview of available partitions, nodes and jobs. sview will per default only  display the partitions you are entitled to use (select "Hidden" under Options if you want to see all of them!)!  The sinfo command gives a more detailed and more customizable view on the partitions and limits. See the sinfo man page for details. 

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