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Singularity [1][2] is a container framework, that aims for reproducibility and portability. For example, a Singularity container can be a single local image file (or as unpacked directory tree), thus the image can be moved around and started into a container instance depending on some remote repository.

With Singularity installed on a somewhat recent Linux distribution/kernel like CentOS 7 and newer, a 'normal' user can run Singularity containers without the need for some running daemon process or for additional permissions/groups, .e.,

your user > singularity shell /cvmfs/

To build an own container, one can write a Singularity recipe (the recipe file get's normally named just 'Singularity') to start from an existing container either from Singularity or from Docker images and extend it as you wish

> sudo singularity build MyContainerFile.img Singularity

as more abilities are needed to build a new container than for running a container, the build needs root permissions → thus, you should be able to run an existing container out-of-the-box on an somehwat recent Linux machine with Singularity installed but you will need a machine with sudo/wheel rights, if you want to build your own container.

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