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hermo Scientific Amira-Avizo and Pergeos Software are the leading high-performance 3D visualization and analysis solutions for scientific and industrial data. Wherever 3D imaging data sets need to be processed, Amira-Avizo and Pergeos Software offer abundant state-of-the-art image data processing, exploration and analysis features within an intuitive workflow and easy-to-use graphical interface.


Note: Amira-Avizo on Maxwell uses licenses which have been purchased by HZG and are only available for members of HZG and users of HZG beamlines. Usage is restricted to purely academic research. Please get in touch with maxwell.service for other options. Your group or institution might have own licenses. If that's the case please set the environmental variable MCSLMD_LICENSE_FILE to point to the corresponding licenses.

Using  Amira/Avizo on Maxwell

 To initialize the environment use the module command (replace avizo by amira for using amira):

[max]% module avail
[max]% module load maxwell avizo
[max]% which Avizo
#  to get more complete information
[max]% xwhich avizo

 Provides by module(s)
   ... module load maxwell avizo/9.0.0; which avizo: /software/avizo/9.0.0/bin/Avizo
   ... module load maxwell avizo/9.7.0; which avizo: /software/avizo/9.7.0/bin/Avizo
   ... module load maxwell avizo/9.2.0; which avizo: /software/avizo/9.2.0/bin/Avizo
   ... module load maxwell avizo/9.4.0; which avizo: /software/avizo/9.4.0/bin/Avizo
   ... module load maxwell avizo/2019.1; which avizo: /software/avizo/2019.1/bin/Avizo
   ... module load maxwell avizo/9.3.0; which avizo: /software/avizo/9.3.0/bin/Avizo

 License:       commercial


Avizo/Amira is heavily relying on hardware accelerated GL. You will need to run Avizo inside a FastX-Session on one of the maxwell display instances.

Note: Always terminate the application once you are done!  Use the command my-products -p avizo which list all available products, and all licenses you are currently occupying.




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