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Rucio to local paths

Since Rucio datasets are somewhat handled like in an objectstore, the actual file paths on the local storage have to be mapped.

For a given dataset's files on a storage element, you can create in your current directories a set of symbolic links to the files in the namespace of the storage element

rucio list-file-replicas --rse DESY-HH_DATADISK --protocols=root --pfns --link "/pnfs:/pnfs" user.ivukotic:user.ivukotic.xrootd.desy-hh-1M

which will create for the dataset 'user.ivukotic:user.ivukotic.xrootd.desy-hh-1M' symlinks to its files, which point to the paths the files have as the storage endpoint 'DESY-HH_DATADISK' sees them locally, i.e., the links make only sense if you have access to the same namespace as the storage endpoint. (protocol 'root' seems to be necessary, as with other protocols nonsensical symlinks to URLs of the files are created)

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