The Gamma Portal is a web portal for downloading and managing data taken at the PETRA-III accelerator or by PETRA-III scientists at other light sources.There are two versions of the portal which are both actively maintained. The older one manages data handled using the storage system in production until March 2015. The new one manages data taken with the new data acquisition and storage system that went productive in April 2015.

  • Home page

  • Users search files with the help of Gamma-Portal. They can inspect the matadata associated with selected files.
     The view 'Browse data' in the Portal displays an overview on the datasets in dCache or in Filesystem.

  • FTP-Configuration. Downloading beam time data

    Access to beamtime data from outside DESY is provided via an authenticated FTP service. This allows you to download your data even while the experiment is still running.

    First you select the beamtime you want to access and click 'FTP register', then you use an FTP client to connect to our ftp server  Please look here for a description of the service.

    A person will be de-registered 7 days after the last login (or registered date) to the ftp server.

  • Data management before April 2015
  • Data management after April 2015


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