Start/Stop a Beamtime

The Start/Stop-script can only be executed by the beamline-staff groups, e.g. p11staff, FS-EC and IT

Start a Beamtime

[]$ startBeamtime --beamtimeId <beamtimeID> --beamline <beamline>
example for beamtime '1100362' on beamline P11
startBeamtime --beamtimeId 1100362 --beamline P11

Archive for Proposal P Beamtimes

Since 2017-06-28, proposal P beamtimes (or "Industry Beamtimes") will not be archived and a single copy remains on the core filesystem.
If you wish to enable the archiving for such beamtimes, add the option "--archive" to the invocation of the startBeamtime script, e.g.:

example for industry beamtime with archive
[]$ startBeamtime --beamtimeId <beamtimeID> --beamline <beamline> --archive

The startBeamtime script will also print a message before the no/yes prompt, if archiving is disabled:

exmaple for proposal P

Output without --archive:

For beamtimes with proposalType P, automatic archiving is disabled by default.
If you wish to enable archiving for this beamtime, abort and add
'--archive' as an option to the script.

Do you really want to start beamtime '<beamtime>'? [no/Yes]

Output with --archive added:

Archiving for this beamtime has been requested.

Do you really want to start beamtime '<beamtime>'? [no/Yes]

Stop a Beamtime

[]$ stopBeamtime --beamtimeId <beamtimeID> --beamline <beamline>
example for beamtime '1100362' on beamline P11
stopBeamtime --beamtimeId 1100362 --beamline P11

The directory 'current' will be un-linked and thus the data will cease to be visible on the beamline file-system.

The data created during this beamtime remains visible in the core file-system.




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