The Portal can also be used to stage data, i.e. copy data from the dCache tape pool to the dCache disc pool. Data can be staged only if the user has a regular DESY account.

During staging, ACLs are created. They grant read-access for the catalogued participants.

  • A more detailed view on an archived dataset. This view is obtained by a click on the magnifying glass symbol next to a dataset displayed in the 'Browse data' view. Currently, the dataset may consist of a single or multiple tarballs which can be staged(given a valid DESY account) from here.

  • This view is obtained by click on the editing Symbol next to dataset, column 'Users ACLs' from 'Browse Data' view. Depending on the Userts role, one see who else has Access to the dataset, who is in Charge of the dataset or one can add/remove users from the list .

Participant and collaborator
  • you will not see the 'Add User' field nor the field / button ‘Delete User’. You can not even select roles.
  • can add user
  • can someone promote to the applicant
  • can not downgrade this (or edit)
  • can not make someone a leader
  • can change and delete all roles expect 'Leader'.
  • can change and delete all roles.

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