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atlasVO for the ATLAS CollaborationATLAS VOMS @ CERNThe ATLAS Experiment
belleVO for the BELLE II experiment at KEKBELLE VOMS @ KEKBELLE II Collaboration
caliceVO for the CALICE CollaborationCALICE VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
cmsVO for the CMS CollaborationCMS VOMS @ CERNThe CMS Experiment
dechVO for the EGEE Federation DECHDECH VOMS @ SCAI
desyVO at DESY for people outside any other VO (for tests)DESY VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
Deployment team VODTEAM VOMS @ EGIEGI Wiki
ghepVO for the German Grid for High Energy PhysicsGHEP VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
hermesVO for the HERA experiment HERMESHERMES VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
honeVO for the HERA experiment H1H1 VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
icecubeVO for the IceCube CollaborationICECUBE VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
ilcVO for the International Linear Collider CommunityILC VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
lhcbVO for the LHCb CollaborationLHCb VOMS @ CERNThe LHCb Experiment
ildgVO for the International Lattice Data Grid groupILDG VOMS @ DESYInternational Lattice Data Grid (ILDG)
olympusVO for the OLYMPUS CollaborationOLYMPUS VOMS @ DESYThe Olympus Collaboration
xfel.euVO for the HERA experiment ZEUSXFEL.EU VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY
zeusVO for the HERA experiment ZEUSZEUS VOMS @ DESYGrid @ DESY

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