The USAXS setup in EH1 is very similar to the 4-cirlce SAXS/WAXS setup in EH2. It is mounted on a 5-axis optical table. In front of the sample position, it features a pair of slits which are ~700mm apart. The first slit can be used to define the size of the X-ray beam and the second slit acts as a guard slit. Between the slits, an in-vacuum (retractable) monitor unit is installed.

The sample chamber is based on a DN100 (6" flange OD) UHV cube. The cube is mounted on a 4-axis Huber tower (X, Y, Z and RZ/theta). The cube is fully vacuum integrated using DN (2.75" flange OD) bellows along the X-ray beam direction. Multiple different sample inserts have been developed to be housed in the sample chamber (inter alia for transmission/reflection geometry at different temperature ranges). The sample position is followed by a DN100 (6" flange OD) 6-way cross. This 6-way cross allows e.g. to mount in-vacuum detectors (e.g. diodes). The last piece of the sample environment is a DN100 gatevalve before the scattered signal is transported to the end of the hutch in a 4" ID tube. There the tube diameter increases to 8" ID and the beam transport continues to the detector stage in EH2. By using a detector position at the end of EH2, a sample-to-detector distance of ~21 m is possible.

The setup is modular and it is envisioned that components can be removed from the optical table to make room for more complicated experimental setups. The optical table is equipped with a 1.50x1.00m2 breadboard (mounting holes are M6 on a 25x25mm2 grid). All optical tables at P10 are designed to have a 600mm distance between X-ray beam and table top surface.

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