Short description.

This benchmark is a challenge of reconstructing multi-jet final state with flavour tag and vertex charge. Main focus is currently on 6-jet (bbqqqq) and 4-jet (bbqqlv) final states.

bbbar final state is also being investigated with the same framework.

Main observables.

x-section measured with both beam polarizations, Polar angle (A_FB) measured with both beam polarizations

Control variables.

b-tag, c-tag, vertex charge, dEdx, M_top, M_W,

Physics quantities.

form factors, electroweak couplings, distinction between left- and right-handed couplings,


Sohail Amjad, Adrian Irles, Yuichi Okugawa, Roman Pöschl, Ryo Yonamine


Marcel Vos


Versions of the Note

Efficiencies and acceptances


Interpretation of results (ttbar)

Supplementary information


Different steps of corrections               Comparison of IDR-L and IDR-S

in ee→bb                                                          in ee→bb before any correction