Communication of results and progress within the ILD group is largely done through publications and conference contributions. The ILD publication and speakers bureau (PSB) coordinates and oversees this important aspect within ILD. 

The ILD publication and speakers bureau is led by a chair, who is proposed by the spokesperson and confirmed by the institute assembly. The term of office is two years. The spokesperson and the institute assembly chair are ex-officio members of the bureau. Three more members of the bureau are proposed by the PSB chair and approved by the IA.

The bureau is responsible for implementing the ILD policy towards all kinds of ILD publications.


Proposal of publication rules: psb-pubrules-proposal.pdf: presented at IA meeting, June 26 2017.

Proposal of publication rules: 

psb-pubrules-proposal-v2.pdf: updated on September 1, 2017, to be presented at the ILD phone meeting on September 5, 2017.

psb-pubrules-proposal-v3.1.pdf: updated on October 19, 2017, to be discussed at the ILD IA meeting on October 25 , 2017.

1. ILD Publications

Publication types

ILD has currently four types of publications, which are treated differently.

All publications will be made available on the ILD confluence and will receive internal ILD numbers.  We encourage authors to submit ILD papers, topical papers, public notes, and conference proceedings to the arXiv after the ILD review process is completed. Draft ILD publications should not be uploaded to preprint servers before the completion of the review process.



Numbering convention

2. ILD Conference presentations

The PSB is in charge of coordinating conference presentations by ILD members. It cooperates with centrally organized structures, for example in the context of LCC.

Standard acknowledgements for ILD simulation-based publications

"We would like to thank the LCC generator working group and the ILD software working group for providing the simulation and reconstruction tools and producing the Monte Carlo samples used in this study.
This work has benefited from computing services provided by the ILC Virtual Organization, supported by the national resource providers of the EGI Federation and the Open Science GRID."

Membership of PSB

Current members (as of May 2017)