Mounted cartridge:

Don't change this value. We are using only one cartridge now.

Mounted nozzle:

Tells software what nozzle is currently on Smaragon claws. Change this value only after visual check in the chamber!

Last completed macro:

Tells software what was last successful position. Change only when you were using macros from macro window (you don't want to do it) and want to match Smaragon to the same position.

Positions (orange group 1):

Use these buttons only if you run into some problems. For example if you hit something, stop execution in middle of macro, or any other error state. Safe way to handle any error is to drive back to neutral position (NP). Using position buttons does not change cartridge position at all !!

Nozzle controls (orange group 2):

Use these buttons if everything is working as expected. These buttons triggers series of macros including cartridge handling and exchange logic. Always stay in Normal mode when things are working (smile).


Always hit escape button or Stop all motions when you are unsure what is going on.


How nozzle exchange works (change to nozzle X):