Main GUI:

this windows is main application for experiment controlling. If you close this window you close whole application. Click on Tool buttons to pop up window for desired tool. (modified 9.2.)

Scanning tool:

with this tool you can perform any scan with motors (1D, 2D, 3D, nD). Maybe we will not use it maybe we will.

I modified code to show AIO motor scanner by default. It's very easy to switch between two if needed.


Macro tool:

with this tool we can create any macro involving motors. In this tool we can change main macros which controls Smaragon motions. (modified 9.2.)

Nozzles tool:

with this tool we can control any motors separately or we can execute Smaragon. Nozzles controls are now separated. (modified 9.2.)

Device tool:

Based on our setup, we prepared groups of motors. If we have time I would like to insert images of each stage and group into GUI. For now it's only template pictures. (modified 9.2.)

Save positions tool:

with this tool we can save all motor positions. We have now all groups in separated tab. (modified 9.2.)

Log tool:

this tool logs all our motor positions. We will use mm as a main unit. (modified 9.2.)

Error log:

this tool will show all errors from device that occurs in time.

Server tool:

you can find all main devices that we will use in experiment. You can connect or disconnect device as you like from here.