Getting Started

SCETlib is written in C++. You don't have to be a C++ guru, but a basic working knowledge of C++ is required (and assumed).

Requirements are

  • A C++14 compiler (at least GCC 5 or Clang 3.6)
  • CMake (at least version 3.5)

The primary development platform is Linux/Unix. It has also been tested on Mac with Clang. However, Macs are notorious for having inconsistent/broken development toolchains, we'll try to help, but it is your responsibility to have a working development environment.

The build system uses CMake, which is a modern alternative and much easier to use on the development side than the autotools/autoconf tool chain (./configure ...)

We use git as the distributed version control system. The SCETlib repository is hosted on DESY Bitbucket.

For bug and issue tracking we use DESY JIRA (also part of DESY Atlassian).

... to be continued

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