Details about Snowmass 2021 can be found on the official page:

The European Strategy Group (ESG) process has nearly completed. The next major decadal strategy effort is the US Snowmass process, which will be followed by P5 panel recommendations, which in turn will guide funding and resource decisions.

The first milestone for the US Snowmass process was the submission of short 2-page LOI's on Aug 31st, 2020. Longer "White-Paper" documents are now due by January 2022. These White-Papers may update or go beyond the content of the Belle II Physics Book and/or may also discuss technical aspects of SuperKEKB accelerator and Belle II detector upgrades.

Detailed scientific discussions will take place during the next year and a half. A large close-out meeting is planned in Seattle, WA but deferred to the summer of 2022 due to the pandemic. Participation of all international Belle II colleagues and especially junior colleagues is strongly encouraged in this high energy physics community process. Contributions from theoretical colleagues are also welcomed. Belle II colleagues are encouraged to join the Snowmass topical groups.

N.B. Some of the original deadlines have been revised due to the pandemic (White Papers→Jan 2022, Closeout →Summer 2022)

Talks at meetings/workshops

Letters of interest

The following LOIs have been prepared and submitted for Belle II:

1. Belle II/SuperKEKB upgrades and overview

Coordinator: Tom Browder (

Final version:


2.  B physics at Belle II

Coordinator: Soeren Prell (

Final version:

3. Dark Sector Studies at Belle II

Coordinators: Chris Hearty (, Kevin Flood (

Final version:

4. Charm Physics at Belle II

Coordinator: Alan Schwartz (

Final version:

5. Tau Physics and Precision Electroweak Physics with Polarized beams at SuperKEKB/Belle II

Coordinator: Swagato Banerjee (

Final version:

6. Hadron Spectroscopy at Belle II

Coordinator: Bryan Fulsom (

Final version:

7. Belle II/SuperKEKB capabilities for QCD

Coordinator: Anselm Vossen (

Final version:

8. Belle II detector upgrades (plans for the instrumentation frontier) 

Coordinator: Sven Vahsen ( Sven Einar Vahsen)

Final version:

9. Belle II plans for the computing frontier

Coordinator: Jake Bennett (

Final version: