Short description.

Physics Motivation: measure the coupling between Z and left handed tau, and the coupling between Z and right handed tau. This is going to be very useful to constrain some of the contact interactions, or to test models such as gauge-Higgs unification. 

Search Channel: e+e- → tau tau, tau → 1-prong / 3-prong, Ecm = 500 GeV.

Detector Benchmark: highly boosted tau reconstruction; in 3-prong channel, interesting to test the limit of track separation; in 1-prong channel, interesting to test PFA performance. 

Main observables.

final observables: gL, gR, (for Ztautau couplings); cross section for e+e- → tau_L tau_R / tau_R tau_L.

intermediate observables: efficiency of tau reconstruction, efficiency of tau decay mode identification, tau polarization

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Daniel Jeans  and Keita Yumino, reviewed by Mikael Berggren


Daniel Jeans, “h->tau tau” [LCWS16, ILD0418]

S. Kawada et al., "A study of the measurement precision of the Higgs boson decaying into tau pairs at the ILC",