topics: surface and interface diffraction and scattering

date: 03~04. February 2020

building 3, seminar room 1

The research association “Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry” (CMPC) is formed by the scientists and engineers from various PETRA III beamlines (P02.1, P07-DESY&P21.1, P08, P09, P62), the technical infrastructure and the sample environment groups. CMPC organizes annual workshops on specific topics to discuss current and future science activities with invited guests and collaborators. This time, the workshop focuses on surface and interface diffraction and scattering, with four sessions:

Each session contains talks from both external collaborators and the CMPC members, and provides extensive opportunity for discussions and exchange of ideas.

The registration is open for everyone who is interested in what we are doing and seeking collaborations with us. Poster contributions are highly welcomed!

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