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The printer is in ready state (paper and ink are fine) but does not print. Network cable is plugged.

There is no error message on printer or PC side (tried to print from different PCs).

Finally I restarted the printer ... still same behavior.

The channel cut crystals fro the 193Ir MRM arrived and are located in EH1 on the table at the moment.

P01 Beamline Laptop

now in CH1

There was a problem with Kohzu stage for 1064 crystals of Fe HRM. It does not move equidistantly. Problem seems to be solved by release of 2 (of 4) screws fixing motors on the stage.For details see figure in NRS setup and control

SmarAct rotation stage

Hendrik lindemann (4425) took one smaract rotation stage with sensormodule and cabel.