BPM in EH1

Turned out that the diamond window of the BPM in EH1 was completely gone/broken and therefore it did not work. Boris will replace and bring a new one to the beamline on the 10th of September (Monday)

I turned off the mobile turbo station for the HRM. A strange burning smell was coming from the scroll pump. Should be checked. Also vacuum in tank only 2.5x10-5mbar. Did not get worse after the pump was stopped.


(at the website: select an item, scroll down, plot)

To enlarge: STRG + Mouse Scrollwheel

The printer is in ready state (paper and ink are fine) but does not print. Network cable is plugged.

There is no error message on printer or PC side (tried to print from different PCs).

Finally I restarted the printer ... still same behavior.