Publications based on Belle data analyzed with the Belle II analysis software framework (BASF2). See also for a full list of Belle publications.

Belle Paper #TitleStatus/Journal Ref.Principal AuthorsPreprint NumbersarXiv
606Measurements of the branching fractions B(B0 → D*+ π−) and B(B0 → D*+ K−) and tests of QCD factorization Submitted to PRD

(authors tentatively not listed)

Belle preprint 2022-10, KEK Preprint 2022-1arXiv:2207.00134 [hep-ex]
589Search for B0 meson decays into Λ and missing energy with a hadronic tagging method at Belle 

Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) 5, L051101

Christos Hadjivasiliou, Jan Strube, Bryan Fulsom

Belle preprint 2021-24, KEK Preprint 2021-29arXiv:2110.14086 [hep-ex]

Study of B0-bar → D+h− (h=K/π) decays at Belle 

PRD 105, 012003 (2022 January 11) Eiasha Waheed, Phillip UrquijoBelle preprint 2021-25, KEK Preprint 2021-30arXiv:2111.04978 [hep-ex]
538Search for B+ → μ+ ν and B+ → μ+ N with inclusive tagging PRD 101, 032007 (2020 February 21)

Markus Prim, Florian Bernlochner, Pablo Goldenzweig, Martin Heck

Belle preprint 2019-17, KEK Preprint 2019-39arXiv:1911.03186 [hep-ex]
536Measurement of R(D) and R(D*) with a semileptonic tagging method PRL124, 161803 (2020 April 24)

Giacomo Caria, Phillip Urquijo

Belle preprint 2019-18, KEK Preprint 2019-40arXiv:1910.05864 [hep-ex]
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