This is only needed when no central repository is available such as afs or cvmfs.

This package is generally only required for testbeam to have a local ILCSoft version. A superbuild package has been developed to install the minimum required software for testbeam. This package take care of downloading and building the necessary packages and creates a script for initialisation.  You can find the package here:


  • python-dev 
  • libbz2-dev 
  • g++ 4.8 minimum 
  • ROOT pre-requirements :

  • CMake 2.8 minimum 
  • git 
  • OpenSSL 
  • subversion with neon/serf modules 
  • perl > 5.14 

  • python > 2.6 

  • JDK/JRE (Java development toolkit) 
  • glut libraries --> freeglut3-dev 

  • libncurses5-dev (ubuntu 14) 
  • libxrender-dev (ubuntu 14)


The installation is pretty simple. After installing the pre-requirements, do

cd <workspace>
git clone ILCSoftInstall
cd ILCSoftInstall
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..