The CALICE Software is used for mainly the reconstruction of data and simulation (digitisation). 

The software is migrated to git now. Please use the new repository at

Request access with your DESY account at for pull requests.


  • calice_userlib: contains most important codes of the software
  • calice_reco: contains code for reconstruction of the data and simulation (dependencies: calice_userlib, labview_converter)
  • calice_analysis: contains code for analysis and event display (dependencies: calice_userlib, calice_reco)
  • calice_sim: contains code for digitisation of the simulation and Mokka detector models (dependencies: calice_userlib, calice_reco)
  • calice_calib: contains code for calibration (dependencies: calice_userlib, calice_reco)
  • calice_cddata: contain code for writing calibration/mapping to the reconstruction database (dependencies: calice_userlib, calice_reco)
  • labview_converter: contain code to handle "raw" data (dependencies: none)
  • RootTreeWriter: contain code to write a rootfile (dependencies: calice_userlib, calice_reco)
  • calice_dd_testbeams: contain code for the DD4hep detector models (dependencies: none)
  • calice_cmake: contain cmake file specific to the CALICE Software

Pre-compiled librairies

Pre-compiled libraries of the CALICE Software are available on the afs.

Current HEAD compiled with modded DD4hep, gcc 4.9 and iLCSoft v02-00-01

You can find pre-compiled libraries and binaries on the cvmfs:  /cvmfs/*version*/build/myInstall

Compiling individually the packages

This is mostly useful for developers. If you only do analysis, see here.

You need to compile the packages in this order:

  1. calice_userlib
  2. labview_converter
  3. calice_reco
  4. calice_analysis
  5. calice_calib
  6. calice_sim
  7. calice_cddata
  8. RootTreeWriter

This is fairly simple. All you need is

  • cmake
  • ILCSoft (v01-17-10 minimum)
  • git
  • gcc 4.8 minimum

First prepare your working space and download the needed calice packages

cd <workspace>
git clone calice_cmake
git clone calice_userlib
git clone calice_reco
git clone labview_converter
git clone calice_analysis
git clone calice_calib
git clone calice_sim
git clone calice_cddata
git clone RootTreeWriter

Once this is done, create a build folder for each package

mkdir build_<package_name>

Before building, you need to create a cmake file that links all dependencies, the ilcsoft and where to install the compiled libraries. Template file: user-pro-test_x86_64_gcc48_sl6.cmake (for ILCSoft v01-17-11). You need to replace the first part of the file from SET( ILC_HOME ... to option(Boost_NO_..... ) by the line supplied in the ILCSoft.cmake located on the root directory of your desired ILCSoft version (/cvmfs/ and the variable CALICE_HOME by the path to your workspace. 

You can start to build each packages by doing

cd build_<package_name>
cmake -C ../user-pro-test_x86_64_gcc48_sl6.cmake ../<package_name>

You should get an output similar to this one

loading initial cache file ../user-pro-test_x86_64_gcc48_sl6.cmake
-- Check for ILCUTIL (1.3.0)
-- FLAGS -Wall;-Wextra;-Wshadow;-Weffc++;-pedantic;-Wno-long-long;-Wuninitialized;-Wl,-no-undefined
-- Adding -Wall to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -Wextra to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -Wshadow to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -Weffc++ to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -pedantic to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -Wno-long-long to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -Wuninitialized to CXX_FLAGS
-- Adding -Wl,-no-undefined to CXX_FLAGS
-- Performing Test CXX_FLAG_WORKS_-std=c++11
-- Performing Test CXX_FLAG_WORKS_-std=c++11 - Success
-- 64 bit architecture detected
-- Check for Marlin (1.9.0)
-- Check for Marlin_LIBRARIES: Marlin
-- Check for Marlin_MARLIN_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Found Marlin: /cvmfs/  
-- Check for LCIO_LIBRARIES: lcio;sio
-- Check for LCIO_LCIO_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for LCIO_SIO_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Found LCIO: /cvmfs/  
-- Check for LCCD (1.3.1)
-- Check for LCCD_LIBRARIES: lccd
-- Check for LCCD_LCCD_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Found LCCD: /cvmfs/  
-- Check for CondDBMySQL (0.9.6)
-- Check for CondDBMySQL_LIBRARIES: conddb
-- Check for CondDBMySQL_CONDDB_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Found CondDBMySQL: /cvmfs/  
-- Check for ROOT_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE: /cvmfs/
-- Check for ROOT (6.08.00)
-- Check for ROOT_EXECUTABLE: /cvmfs/
-- Check for ROOT_CINT_EXECUTABLE: /cvmfs/
-- Check for ROOT_LIBRARIES: Core;RIO;Net;Hist;Graf;Graf3d;Gpad;Tree;Rint;Postscript;Matrix;Physics;MathCore;Thread;MultiProc
-- Check for ROOT_CORE_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_RIO_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_NET_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_HIST_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_GRAF_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_GRAF3D_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_GPAD_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_TREE_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_RINT_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_POSTSCRIPT_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_MATRIX_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_PHYSICS_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_MATHCORE_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_THREAD_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for ROOT_MULTIPROC_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/ -- ok
-- Check for /usr/lib64/
-- Found ROOT: /cvmfs/  
CMake Warning (dev) at src/CMakeLists.txt:84 (GET_TARGET_PROPERTY):
  Policy CMP0026 is not set: Disallow use of the LOCATION target property.
  Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0026" for policy details.  Use the cmake_policy
  command to set the policy and suppress this warning.
  The LOCATION property should not be read from target "userlib".  Use the
  target name directly with add_custom_command, or use the generator
  expression $<TARGET_FILE>, as appropriate.
This warning is for project developers.  Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.
-- /afs/
-- /afs/
-- Found Doxygen: /usr/bin/doxygen (found version "1.6.1") 
CMake Warning (dev) at /afs/ (SET):
  Cannot set "global_doc_exists": current scope has no parent.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:225 (INCLUDE)
This warning is for project developers.  Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.
-- ---------------------------------------
--  Documentation for CALICE_USERLIB     
-- ---------------------------------------
-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- BUILD_SHARED_LIBS                       = ON
-- CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX                    = /afs/
-- CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE                        = RelWithDebInfo
-- BUILD_WITH_VALUE_CHECK                  = OFF 
-- BUILD_WITH_CONV_DEBUG                   = OFF 
-- BUILD_WITH_RECO_DEBUG                   = OFF 
-- BUILD_WITH_USE_LCCD                     = ON 
-- BUILD_WITH_HAVE_ROOT                    = ON 
-- LCCD_HOME                            =  
-- Marlin_HOME                          =  
-- BUILD_EXAMPLES                          = OFF 
-- BUILD_WITH_DEPRECATED                   = OFF 
-- LCIO_HOME                               =  
-- LCCD_DIR                                = /cvmfs/ 
-- Marlin_HOME                             =  
-- ROOT_HOME                               =  
-- DB_INIT_STRING                          = 
-- Change a value with: cmake -D<Variable>=<Value>
-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /afs/

Then you can build the package with make -j4 install.

CMake super-package to compile CALICESoft

A cmake package is available here: This super-package handles everything (downloading the package, update and building).

The update step has been removed to avoid overwriting of files. This should be safe now.

First, download the package and modify the user-pro-test_x86_64_gcc48_sl6.cmake file with the correct ILCSoft version.

(In addition you might need to initialize a file that contains the path to the ILCSoft Version and compiler version (such as this:  - "source").)

git clone CaliceInstall
cd CaliceInstall
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -C ../user-pro-test_x86_64_gcc48_sl6.cmake [-DOPTIONS=...] ..
make -j4

Options are: 

  • ENABLE_C++11 [ON/OFF] to build with c++11
  • BUILD_CALICE_SIM [ON/OFF] to install calice_sim package
  • BUILD_CALICE_CALIB [ON/OFF] to install calice_calib package

Once it is built all the includes, binaries and librairies are available in build/myInstall.

If modifications are made in any package, one can rebuild by doing

cd build
make clean
make -j4