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The third tab of the configuration dialog contains Image Sources configuration. It allows for the user to adjust image sources and their dialogs.


  • Detector servers:  possible list of hidra detector hosts separated by spaces
  • Data port: hidra data port. Each instance of lavue on the same host should use a different data port
  • Use default detector servers: add default detector server names from the DESY pool

HTTP response

  • URLs: JSON dictionary assigning labels to HTTP urls

ZMQ Stream

  • Servers and Ports: JSON dictionary assigning labels to server and port of ZMQ stream
  • Automatic datasources: selects possible datasources from ZMQ stream metadata
  • Datasources: defines possible datasources, i.e. ZMQ topics, separated by spaces

Nexus File

  • Keep the file open: does not close the nexus file after reading the field frame
  • Start from the last image: displays only the last image frame

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