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  • 500 GeV full standard model samples for ILD optimization has been produced with ILCSoft-v02-00-01. 
    • A serious bug was found in v02-00 and physics samples produced with v02-00 has a problem.
  • The list of processes and the number of events of each samples were decided as
    • The same processes and statistics as the existing DBD samples.
    • Only 2 ab-1 statistics of 6f, because 10ab-1 of existing samples would require a huge recources.
  • A complete list of processes and statistics as of Feburary 2018 presented at ILD Ichinoseki meeting will be found here
  • Single particles and uds samples produced by v02-00 are not affected by a bug in v02-00.
    • These samples were reconstructed with o1 and o2 models
  • ILD_l5_o1_v02 and ILD_s5_o1_v02 have been produced.Depending on the resource availability and analysis needs, l5_o2 ( and may be s5_o2 ) will be produced. Needs a explicit request.
  • The production of vvqqqq samples at 1 TeV will be considered. 
  • 250 GeV samples will be produced as soon as the whizard2 samples with new ILC beam parameter is available.
  • o3 and o4 models are not produced until the reconstruction code is validated.

Production parameters

Summary of produced samples

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