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Short description.

Physics Motivation: A precision measurement of the quartic interaction between vector bosons is an important step in testing the validity of the Standard Model at high energies. On of the key interests is due to the necessity of the SM-Higgs for the unitarization of this process. Higgs-related as well as more general BSM effects are expected to be observable in this channel at high center-of-mass energies.

Search Channel: e+e- → νν+WW/ZZ → νν+qqqq, ECM=1TeV

Detector Benchmark: Separation of hadronic W and Z decays in a {di-boson + high E_miss} environment (incl. JES, JER). Expected limits on anomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings in (dim.-8) EFT framework.

Main observables.

Final observables: Dimension-8 EFT coefficients related to VV→V'V' vertex

Intermediate observables: QGCs, JER, JES, W/Z separation by mass Di-Boson four momenta, missing four momentum, jet content, angular distributions.


Jakob Beyer (DESY, TU Dresden), reviewed by Taikan Suehara


GitHub repository:


Jakob Beyer (DESY, TU Dresden) [ILD0218]

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