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Short description.

Physics Motivation: this process is directly related to contact interaction e-e-Z-H-H, left and right asymmetry (via cross section measurements for polarized beams) can provide a very strong constraints. Current best precision from SLD is still very limited. 

Search Channel: e+e- → gamma Z, Z→ll/qq, Ecm=500 GeV.

Detector Benchmark: thanks to the known central value of gamma energy / Z invariant mass; calibrate jet energy scale, calibrate lepton momentum scale, calibrate photon energy scale (though only at one energy). Isolated photon/lepton reconstruction/tagging efficiencies, jet/photon energy resolution.

Main observables.

final observable: A_LR for cross section of e+e- → gamma Z.

intermediate observables: lepton/photon reconstruction efficiencies, momentum/energy resolution/scale, JER/JES.


Takahiro Mizuno (KEK) + Junping Tian (University of Tokyo)


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