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Short description.

At all envisaged centre-of-mass energies, WW production is a key physics process with a high cross-section.

It is a primary probe for New Physics associated with the WWZ/WWgamma triple-gauge couplings (TGCs).

It also provides a powerful way to measure the W mass with semi-leptonic events and constrained fits as done at LEP2.
How well the constraints work in the presence of significant beamstrahlung at ILC needs to be understood.

Given the strong dependence of the cross-sections and angular distributions on the helicities of the incoming beams,
it is also used as one of the main ingredients to understanding in situ the beam polarization. 

Main observables.

M_W, TGCs, JER, JES, W and decay angle reconstruction and resolution


Justin Anguiano  [ University of Kansas ]

Mila Pandurovic [VINCA, University of Belgrade]


Philip Bechtle, Wolfgang Ehrenfeld, Ivan Marchesini, "Triple Gauge Couplings and Polarization at the ILC",[LC-DET-2009-003]

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