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Short description.

Physics Motivation: measure Higgs Yukawa coupling to muons, which provides useful test for ratio of Yukawa coupling between 2nd/3rd generation leptons (with H\tau \tau); between 2nd generation lepton/quark (with Hcc).

Search Channel: e^+e^- → \nu \overline{\nu} H with H→\mu ^+ \mu ^- at \sqrt{s} = 500 GeV.

Detector Benchmark: very sensitive to high momentum resolution/tracking efficiency, algorithm for isolated lepton tagging.

Two different works are ongoing or finish in soon.

  1. Work using DBD-world samples: explored at \sqrt{s} of 250/500 GeV, left-/right-handed beam polarization, two processes of e^+e^- \to q\overline{q}H and e^+ e^- \to \nu \overline{\nu} H 
  2. Work using IDR-world samples: search channel is already written in above

Main observables.

final observable: Branching ratio of H \to \mu ^+ \mu ^-.

intermediate observables: track momentum resolutions.

IDR note.

You can see my private overleaf project from here.


Shin-ichi Kawada (DESY)

Reviewed by Ivanka Bozovic and Filip Zarnecki


GitHub repository: LINK

Shin-ichi Kawada, “h->mu mu” [LCWS2017, ILD2018]

Shin-ichi Kawada, Jenny List, Mikael Berggren, "Branching ratio measurement of h->mu+mu- at the ILC" (LCWS2017 proceedings) [LINK]

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