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Samples produced by v02-00 should not be used for physics studies due to a bug in DDSim. Use v02-00-01 samples instead.
Single particles and UDS samples are not affected by this bug.


  • 500 GeV full standard model samples for ILD optimization will be produced when ILCSoft-v02-00 is released.
  • The list of processes and the number of events of each samples were decided as
    • The same processes and statistics as the existing DBD samples.
    • Only 2 ab-1 statistics of 6f, because 10ab-1 of existing samples would require a huge recources.
  • A complete list of processes and statistics as of Feburary 2018 presented at ILD Ichinoseki meeting will be found here
  • Single particles and uds samples will be produced.
  • ILD_l5_o1_v02 and ILD_s5_o1_v02 are produced as the first production. Depending on the resource availability and analysis needs, l5_o2 ( and may be s5_o2 ) will be produced.
  • o3 and o4 models are not produced until the reconstruction code is validated.

Production parameters

Sample production : Plan and Status

UDS & Single particlesNb. events & ConditionsRec. OptionElog IDStatus
udsSame as 3rd test productiono1125Done

Single particleSame as 3rd test production (note.1)o1131Running

  • Note 1: Number of events of neutral particle samples, k0L, g, pi0, in 3rd test production were about 10 times larger than written in the table due to a bug in production scripts. It was fixed in this production.
Backgrounds (SimOnly)
Elog IDStatus
seeable pairsSame as 3rd test production126Done
aa_lowpt_WW200 events/file, ~1.4k files130Done
aa_lowpt_WB200 events/file, ~1.4k files129Done
aa_lowpt_BW200 events/file, ~1.4k files127Done
aa_lowpt_BB200 events/file, ~1.4k files126Done
  • Note 2: Number of events per sim files were reduced compared to 3rd test production in order to reduce a network load to download files for overlay in reconstruction.
    The number of events per file corresponds to just one file of download for reconstruction of 100 events overlay.  These files are available to DESY-SRM, KEK-SRM, IN2P3-SRM, CERN-EOS-DST.

  • Note 3: Samples of ELOG ID 127, 128, 129, 130 are same events ( produced from the same input files ) as ELOG ID 136, 137, 138, 139, but each contains 200 events/file.
  • Note 4 (2018/05/08) : aa_lowpt files of ELOG ID 136, 137, 138, 139 were used only for 6f_ttbar-6jets samples. For overlay to other production, ELOG ID 127, 128, 129, 130 were used.

500 GeV physics samples ( Detector model : l5/s5_o1 )

IMPORTANT NOTICE (2018-05-22):

The production has been stopped, because a serious problem in DDSim was noticed. In leptonic and semi-leptonic samples, if lepton did FSR, lepton before FSR was neglected and created detector signals. Thus lepton energy was double counted; If the PDG ID 94 state was present in the 2 taus events, tau before 94, which should be neglected, was swimmed and decaied by Geant4 duplicating tau signals or cause a DDSim crash sometime if traveled a lot. The problem has to be fixed and the sample has to be corrected.  

The samples were reproduced with ILCSoft-v02-00-01.  The latest sample information will be found in ELOG for v02-00-01

ProcessNb. eventsElog IDStatus
6f_ttbar-6jets1,873k135(Sim), 140(Ovl)Done ( aa_lowpt samples of ElogID=127,128,129,130 were used for background overlay )
2f_z_leptonic716k141(Sim), 142(Ovl)Done

6f_ttbar_semileptonic, leptonic (excl. channel w. tau )


Processes without tau were produced due to DDSim failure. ProcessIDs will be found in the Elog

6f_vvWW, excl. tau channel411k153Done
6f_eeWW, excl. tau channel
6f_xxWW, excl. tau channel177k155Done
6f_xxxxZ, excl. tau channel240k156Done
6f_yyyyZ, excl. tau channel402k157Done
5f, e[PLW].p[PLW], excl tau channel
158Only 400 events in processID 37327 due to DDSim failure
aa_4f.eB.pB, excl tau channel
aa_4f.eB.pW, excl tau channel110k164Done
aa_4f.eW.pB, excl tau channel110k165Done
aa_4f.eW.pW, excl tau channel
5f.eB.p[LRW, excl. tau channel
5f.e[LRW].pB, excl tau channel