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Q: add correct host key to get rid of this message, when you are not admin?

As our host key of 'aida2020-kpix1' machine was changed once, so please do the following:

ssh-keygen -H
ssh-keyscan <host-domain> >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Group Github Repository

Code Repository structure

by Mengqing Wu  at  

Repository NameBranchesExplanationsDate
eudaqmasterused to keep up-to-date to central eudaq/master



all lycoris development should be here

How to merge your development?

  1. keep our master even to central eudaq/master
  2. rebase lycoris-dev to our master
  3. merge lycoris-dev to our master
  4. pull request from our master to eudaq/master


KPiX-Analysismastermaster branch


experimentaldevelopment branch


KPiX-Lycoriskpix.originOld KPiX DAQ software developed by Ryan


kpix.masterthe master branch used for data taking at DESY


kpix.devdevelopment branch


LycorisSimmasterStandalone G4 code for simulation.
originally written by Dimitra T;


mydevfurther developed by Mengqing Wu.


Wiener-PSmasterbash scripts to control Wiener PowerSupply
thru snmp commands


LycorisSyncPymasterPython code to study synchronization between
Mimosa and Lycoris thru AIDA-TLU - timestamps



masterCode to plot IV CV curves of sensors
input : a lot csv data


LycorisFittermasterRooFit code for Langaus fitting


Lycoris-ConfigurationmasterBookkeeping various lycoris configuration files
xml, yml, conf, ini etc.



Latex - branch names indicating which conference

Better move it to DESY Stash


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