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Todos and Steps

  • performance tests with all components
    Measurement log book:
    • optimization of AIDA TLU → David, Paolo
      • Ubuntu installation of IPBus

      • "The FIFO full message means that the producer isn't keeping up with the data rate. At the moment the producer unpacks every trigger into a separate event and writes all the information as tags ( i.e. text ). This is inefficient. It was OK for CERN East Area where the beam rate was rather low and in bursts of 0.4 seconds, but we are aiming for ~ 1MHz, so we need to re-write this part of the producer."

    • optimization of EUDAQ 2 →?
    • tests with FEI4 → ask Andre concerning installation
  • Beam sample data with FEI4 → rate?
  • event merger for or in EUTelescope
    • Understand LCIO
    • Understand EUTel. processing: What happens in the 1st step: Converter ?
    • data duplication approach or pointer? or slowest device defines event?
    • Synchronisation through trigger IDs, and TLU timestamps?
    • input: EUDAQ-RAW + proper output for Eutel → maybe write a EUDAQ Data converter?

  • Paper: Upgrade package is working and performance → Tom

  • User workshop: documentation and user briefing → Jan

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