With this tool one can calibrate the instrument geometry parameters (beam center, detector tilt angle, detector tilt rotation angle and sample to detector distance) using a standard sample (e.g. quartz, silver behenate) 2D pattern.

Panel parameters

(Figure 2)

 Figure 1: Screenshot of the "SAXS/WAXS Calibration" plugin menu.

  Figure 2: Screenshot of the "SAXS/WAXS Calibration" "Settings" panel.

  • Calibration Standard:
    • Detector File(s): Load the standard 2D pattern.
    • SelectStandardName: Select the loaded standard file name.
    • Or select d-spacing File: Load your own d-spacing file.
    • Edit: Activate or deactivate some rows in the loaded d-spacing file.
  • Detector:
    • [Detector Type Name]: Select the detector name which you used in your measurement, if there is no suitable one, select Custom and type the following parameters manually.
    • Pixel Size X [µm]: Horizontal pixel size in unit µm.
    • Pixel Size Y [µm]: Vertical pixel size in unit µm.
  • Geometry:
    • Beam Center X [pixel]: Horizontal beam center coordinate in unit pixel.
    • Beam Center Y [pixel]: Vertical beam center coordinate in unit pixel.
    • Tilt[deg]: The angle of detector tilt within the tilt plane in degrees.
    • Rotation[deg]: The rotation angle of a plane in which the angle of tilt is defined.
    • SDD[mm]: The distance from sample to detector in unit mm.
    • Wavelength[A]: The X-ray wavelength in unit Angstrom.
  • Fit Options:
    • Step Size[pixel]: The step size for image integration in unit pixel.
    • Ring Width[pixel]: The ring width of standard 2D pattern in unit pixel.
  • Buttons:
    • Fit: Start to fit the standard 2D pattern.
    • Integrate: Start only to integrate the standard 2D pattern.
    • Set Parameter: Put the calculated parameters into corresponding plugin parameters.

Figure 3: Screenshot of the "SAXS/WAXS Calibration" "Config" panel.

Figure 4: Screenshot of the "SAXS/WAXS Calibration" "Fit Log" panel.

Figure 5: Screenshot of the "SAXS/WAXS Calibration" "Calibration" panel.

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