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Beyond the Standard Model and New Particles

Conveners: Mikael Berggren (, Tomohiko Tanable ( Working group mailing list.

The BSM/NP working group concentrates on searches for direct observation of New Physics in ILD (indirect hints is rather the topic of the Higgs/EW and/or Top/QCD groups). We both exploit the higher energy of ILC wrt LEP, FCCee or CEPC (after energy upgrades), the higher luminousity wrt LEP (X 1000 !), the clean and well defined conditions wrt. LHC, and tell-tale polarisation dependence (wrt. to everybody else).

As we study non-SM physics, some work in the group can be close to theory, typically to introduce NP-models into the event generation framework. The need to be able to quickly produce sizable samples of non-SM events (possibly including scans in theory parameter space), fast simulation is also a mayor topic. Furthermore, the analyses often needs more-than-average understanding of backgrounds and detector performance, we are, or have been, engaged in developments in description of gamma-gamma induced backgrounds, on the performance and description of the very forward calorimeter system, and in the latest developments of the modeling of SM backrounds in Whizard.

Ongoing analyses

  • T.Tanabe & al.: Natural SUSY
  • S. Sasikumar  & al: Very low Delta(m) Higgsino searches
  • M. Habermehl & al.: Model independent WIMP searches in the mono-photon channel
  • M. Berggren & al.: Study of SUSY in a scenario with a rich spectrum at ILC (in collaboration with LHC)
  • Y. Wang & al.: Limits on light higgs-like states
  • S.-L.  Lehtinen & al.: Extraction of high-scale SUSY parameters from expected measurement precisions in several scenarios

Benchmark scenarios studied by the group

See under Benchmarks for physics-driven detector optimisation :

  • discovery range, cross-sections, masses for low delta M Higgsinos. Details.
  • discovery range, mass, cross-section, operator type for WIMPs in mono-photon channel. Details.
  • discovery range for low mass extra Higgses in e+e- → Zh. Details.

List of publications, talks and notes


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