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Top Quark, other heavy quarks and QCD

conveners: Roman Pöeschl, Adrián Irlesworking group mailing list

Ongoing Analyses for ILC Physics Case

  • ssbar at 250GeV (Yuichi - PhD,  IJClab, Tohoku Un.)
  • bbbar & ccbar at 250GeV  (Adrian  -IFIC, Roman & François IJCLab)
  • bbbar & ccbar at 500GeV, implementing the use of dEdx information for flavour tagging with standard tools  (Jesús - PhD, Adrian - IFIC)

Uncovered topics

  • ttbar threshold analysis with the newest full simulation
  • qqbar production at NLO in whizard
  • t->cγ (MPI?)
  • QCD e.g. alpha_s  (?)
  • single top at 250GeV (Irfu? Paul?)

Analyses for ILD benchmark

List of Publications / Notes

List of conference proceedings

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