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Top Quark and QCD

conveners: Roman Pöeschl, Ryo Yonamineworking group mailing list

Ongoing Analyses for ILC Physics Case

  • ttbar hadronic (Sohail), vertex charge measurement (bbar/ttbar/ccbar) (Adrian, Yuichi)
  • t->ch @ 380GeV CLIC (Filip)
  • A_FB @ CLIC (Nacho)
  • global fit of top-EW EFT (Martin/Gauthier)
  • top width by measuring momentum (Yuto)
  • top mass, ee-> ttγISR (Pablo)
  • Jet algorithms (Junping/Marcel)
  • t->cγ (MPI?)
  • QCD e.g. alpha_s  (?)

Ongoing Analyses for ILD benchmark

List of Publications / Notes

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