Top Quark, other heavy quarks and QCD

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Ongoing Analyses for ILC Physics Case

  • ssbar at 250GeV (Yuichi Okugawa- PhD,  IJClab, Tohoku Un.)
  • bbbar & ccbar at 250GeV  (Adrian Irles  -IFIC, Roman Poeschl & François Richard IJCLab)
  • bbbar & ccbar at 500GeV, implementing the use of dEdx information for flavour tagging with standard tools  (Jesús P. Márquez - PhD, Adrian Irles- IFIC)
  • qqbar production at NLO in whizard and matching with new Pythia versions (Zhijie Zhao, M. Berggren, J. List - DESY)

Uncovered topics

  • ttbar threshold analysis with the newest full simulation
  • t->cγ (MPI?)
  • QCD e.g. alpha_s  (?)
  • single top at 250GeV (Irfu? Paul?)

Analyses for ILD benchmark (IDR)

List of Journal Publications

  • mb at mH: The Running Bottom Quark Mass and the Higgs Boson

    • Phys.Rev.Lett. 128 (2022) 12, 122001
    • Javier Aparisi(Valencia U., IFIC), Juan Fuster(Valencia U., IFIC), André Hoang(PSI, Villigen), Adrián Irles(Valencia U., IFIC), Christopher Lepenik(PSI, Villigen), Germán Rodrigo(Valencia U., IFIC), Michael Spira(PSI, Villigen), Seidai Tairafune(Tohoku U. ), Marcel Vos(Valencia U., IFIC), Hitoshi Yamamoto (Valencia U., IFIC), Ryo Yonamine(Tohoku U.)
  • The electro-weak couplings of the top and bottom quarks — Global fit and future prospects

    • 2019,  JHEP 12 (2019) 98,JHEP 01 (2021) 195 (erratum)

    • Gauthier Durieux(Technion), Adrian Irles (Orsay, LAL ), Víctor Miralles(Valencia U., IFIC ), Ana Peñuelas(Valencia U., IFIC), Roman Pöschl(Orsay, LAL), Martín Perelló(Valencia U., IFIC), Marcel Vos(Valencia U., IFIC)

  • Top quark mass measurement in radiative events at electron-positron colliders

    • 2020 Phys.Lett.B 804 (2020) 135353

    • Marça Boronat(,Valencia U., IFIC) Esteban Fullana(,Valencia U.) Juan Fuster(Valencia U.), Pablo Gomis(Valencia U. ), André Hoang( Vienna U. ), Vicent Mateu(Salamanca U., IUFFyM and ,Madrid, IFT) Marcel Vos( Valencia U., IFIC ), Angelika Widl(Salamanca U., IUFFyM)

  • CP-violating top quark couplings at future linear e+e colliders, 
  • A robust jet reconstruction algorithm for high-energy lepton colliders

List of  Notes / Reports

List of conference proceedings

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