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Higgs and Electroweak Physics

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Ongoing Analyses for ILC Physics Case

  • Tomohisa Ogawa (Sokendai & KEK), PhD student, “anomalous hVV couplings”, 100% of time, to finish thesis  by mid of 2018 [LCWS17ILD1117, EPS-HEP2017]
  • Yumi Aoki (Sokendai & KEK), Master student, “hgammaZ coupling”, 50% of time, not included in master thesis, to finish this study  by mid of 2018 [LCWS17ILD1117]
  • Daniel Jeans (KEK), “h->tau tau”, currently focusing on paper [LCWS16, ILD0418]
  • Masakazu Kurata (KEK), “hh->bbWW*”, currently working on paper together with Claude, Junping, etc. [LCWS16]
  • Yu Kato (U. Tokyo), Master student, “h->invisible”, 100% of time, to finish thesis  by end of this year [LCWS16, ILD0218]]
  • Kazuki Fujii (U. Tokyo), Master student, “h->gamma Z”, 30% of time, to finish thesis  by May of 2018 [XYZ0218]
  • Junping Tian (U. Tokyo), “Higgs mass”, 10% of time [LCWS17, ILD1117]
  • Aliakbar Ebrahimi (DESY), “Higgs mass", 20% of time [ILD0517]
  • Shin-ichi Kawada (DESY), “h->mu mu”, 100% of time [LCWS17, ILD0218]
  • Jakob Beyer (U. Dresden), Master student, “quartic gauge couplings”, 100% of time, to finish thesis by Oct. 2018 [ILD0218]
  • Mila Pandurovic (U. Belgrade), “h→WW*” [LCWS16ILD0118]
  • Graham Wilson (Kansas U.), “Higgs mass” [LCWS17]
  • Vladimir Bocharnikov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), PhD student, “ννh, h->tau tau” [ILD1217] 
  • ------------- NEWS ----------
  • Jonas Kunath (LLR), PhD student (supervisor Jean-Claude Brient), "Zh cross section", using all leptonic channels, new method other than classical recoil technique [LCWS2019]
  • Jonas Kunath (LLR), PhD student (supervisor Jean-Claude Brient), "global method for BR", new approach using all visible channels [LCWS2019]
  • Evgeny Antonov (LPI), PhD student (supervisor Alexey Drutskoy), "h->ZZ*" [ILD1019]

Ongoing Analyses for ILD benchmark

  • hadronic branching ratios of the Higgs: H→bb/cc/gg
  • Higgs mass from H→bb
  • branching ratio H→mu+ mu-
  • limit on H→invisible
  • tau polarisation, A_FB, A_LR, decay modes in e+e- → tau+ tau-
  • W mass, TGCs, beam polaristion from e+e- → WW → qq lnu
  • QGCs e+e- → nunu qqqq
  • A_LR, JES calibration from e+e- → gamma Z

Novel Analysis Tools

  • Particle ID
  • Isolated Lepton Tagging
  • Flavor Tagging
  • Tau Reconstruction
  • Pi0 Reconstruction
  • Jet Clustering
  • Kinematic Fitting
  • Vertex Charge
  • Matrix Element Method
  • etc

List of Publications / Notes

  • EFT formalism
  • EFT fit
  • Recoil mass [Z→ll, Z→qq]
  • BR(h→bb/cc/gg) [ZH, vvH]
  • top-Yukawa coupling [500GeV, 1TeV]
  • h→tau tau [BR, CP]
  • Higgs self-coupling [ZHH500, HH→bbWW, 1TeV]
  • anomalous VVH coupling [ZZH, WWH]
  • etc, more to add
  • ------------- NEWS ----------
  • Daniel's Higgs CP paper: finished ILD review, going to submit to journal soon
  • Tomohisa's anomalous VVH paper: draft for ILD review to be ready soon

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