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Minutes of the first workshop (Nov 2014 KEK)


Minutes of the second workshop (Apr 2015 Krakow)

Quarkonium chapter


Golden measurements

 1. ISR e+e- -> pi+pi-J/psi(psi'),  K+K-J/psi(psi'), pi+pi-hc(1P, 2P), omega/phi chi_cJ, pi+pi-X(3823), gamma X(3872),
   DD(*)pi, ... to search/study Zc, Zc'. Zcs, ... all possible Y states, new resonances and understand the line shapes.

 2. Y(3S) decays including Y(1D), etab(1S,2S)->gamma gamma, chi_b(1P,2P), ...

 3. Tow-photon processes: gamma gamma -> phi J/psi to confirm/deny X(4350) and search for Y(4140), study of eta_c(2S), 
    gamma gamma ->omega J/psi, DD*, etac pi0, ... to study X(3915), search for X(3872)-like states, ... 

 4. Data at the Y(6S) peak: 
    - study anomalous transitions from Y(6S) to lower bottomonia (nature of Y(6S)); 
    - search for missing bottomonia in 1D,2D,1F multiplets; 
    - search for molecular states Xb, Wb via radiative and pi+pi- transitions.
    High energy scan:
    - decomposition of Rb into BB,BB*,B*B*,BB*pi,.. (nature of Y(5S), Y(6S));
    - scan of cross-sections e+e- -> bottomonium + light hadrons (search for new vector states);
    - investigate Lambda_b-Lambda_b-bar threshold region. 

 5. B decays to:
    - charmonium (eta_c, J/psi, h_c, chi_cJ, eta_c(2S), psi(2S)), light hadrons and kaon (search for the only missing
      narrow charmonium state eta_c2(1D), for new charmonium-like states and for new channels of known states);
    - open charm-anti-charm final states (DD, DD*, DD*pi, DsDs,..) and kaon (search for elastic channels of known states,
      search for new charmonium(-like) states).


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