How to get started on nfs / afs

Get a space on dust

Get your dust space (1T of disc space)

More information:

Storage Resources and File System Layout

Calice Soft

Pre-installation available at /afs/

Initialise ILC soft: source /cvmfs/"software version you want to use"/

(in order to use root, pyroot, ....)

If you need to install the Calice Software yourself, do it on afs. It won't work on nfs!

For installation, use the super-package:

More information here: How to compile the Calice Software?

Install Conda on nfs (so you can install scipy, numpy, .... on nfs)

  1. Go to and copy the link for the newest linux installer
  2. Go to the directory on nfs or afs where you want to install conda
  3. wget "Link-to-conda-installation"
  4. bash Miniconda*
  5. Follow the installation instructions, change the location of installation accordingly
  6. When asked: "Do you wish the installer to initialize Miniconda3?" type "yes"
  7. It will put miniconda in your .zshrc (to initialise do "source ~/.zshrc")
  8. Python is already installed now, you should also install root instead of using the pre-installed software
  9. Follow general conda installation instructions to get other packages

From raw data to analysis:

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