INFORMATION: The information on this page it outdated and will be removed in the future. Please use the new SMB and NFS servers: Data Access: Core FS INFORMATION

Access data on the core file-system

For Users with DESY account

Maxwell Analysis Cluster

Map SMB share for Windows and macOS

  • Recommended way for accessing data from Windows and macOS
  • SMB-share:
    • PETRA III: \\\core
    • FLASH: \\\core-flash
  • Authentication via DESY account

    Windows: Mapping SMB Export under drive U:

    right-click on Computer
    click on "Map network drive"
    choose drive U:
    choose folder \\\core

    macOS: Mapping SMB Export

    1. Start Finder and click on Go and select Connect to Server in the menu bar

    2. In the next window, specify the SMB-Share (for PETRA III use smb://, for FLASH use smb://

    3. Confirm that you want to connect to this SMB server

    4. You will be prompted to authenticate, choose Connect As: Registered User and enter your DESY account and password and click connect

    5. A new tab will open in the finder and you can now access the data from the Core filesystem. To unmount the filesystem, click on the eject button

Mount NFS for Linux

  • This can only be used on a PC with standard DESY installation or with a DESY compliant LDAP Configuration.
    • For DESY Ubuntu Green/Yellow Desktop installation, we recommend to use SMB instead of NFS
  • NFS Exports:
    • PETRA III:
    • FLASH:
  • Authentication via DESY account

    e.g. mount PETRA III gpfs under /gpfs:
     mount -o nfsvers=3,rsize=65536,wsize=65536,hard /gpfs

Exporting and managing beamtime data: The Gamma-Portal

Access data in the beamline file-system

Every computer registered for a specific beamline can access the beamline file-system and thus copy the data stored for this beamline.

Nevertheless, copy jobs should be done from the core file-system because the beamtime specific folder "current" will no longer be visible once the beamtime is stopped.

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