One of three High Precision Goniometers does have an encoder wheel mounted.

Renishaw Encoder System

Encoder Wheel with 20µm scaleWheel Diameter 150mm

Circumfence: 471,238891mm

TONiC T2001-15A Encoder head

TI4000A04A Interpolation UnitInterpolationfactor 4000 - 5nm ResolutionAngular resolution 66nrad / 0,26µ°

Calculated Encoder Conversion (5nm Resolution):

261.799 / 1°

Kohzu High Precision Gonio

KTG 15 MAStepper Motor Conversion with 1/20 microstepping: 2.880.000 steps for 1 degree0,00125 arcsec/step or 0,34722µ°/step


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