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Mounting sample environments

If you plan to bring your own sample environment it is strongly recommended to contact the beamline staff weeks before the start of the beamtime.

  • Maximum payload for sample environments is 60kg.
  • Maximum distance between beam and top of the ration table is 180mm

A technical drawing of the top side of the rotation stage is shown in the figure below. Sample environments or the like should be place on one of the inner two thread circles of the air bearing ABRT-260 stage.


For sample environments with liquids or any other materials that potentially spill, there are different 3 types of covers for the rotation stage. Each is explained in a section below which provides a technical drawing with drill patterns.

Cover for assembly on the sample stage (piezo stack alignment)

This cover is intended for very small and light sample environments (less than 100g). The cover consists of three pieces. The top pieze sits on the sample stage and allows for adjustment of the sample environment w.r.t. the rotation axis.

Cover for sample mount on inner (precise) rotation stage

This cover carries bulkier sample enviroments (less than 2 kg). It consists of two pieces, the inner piece sitting on the air bearing precise inner rotation stage. High precision rotation is thus maintained, but alignment w.r.t. to the rotation axis is not possible (but can be realized by the sample environment itself).

Cover for sample mount on outer (heavy duty) rotation stage

This cover consists of only on piece sitting on the outer, roller bearing rotation stage. High rotation precision is not maintained, but the cover carries heavier loads.

Overview of rotation stage covers

Static sample environments

In case that the sample environment is static and should not be rotated, a sample environment frame can be used. The frame is mounted on the outer edges of the rotation stage and is equipped with fittings to mount the sample environment in the same position with respect to the rotation stage.

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