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Short description.

Measurement of Higgs coupling to heavy quarks (Higgs decay to gluons is mediated by heavy quark loops.) 

These studies were previously done focused on sqrt(s)=250 GeV with ZH and Z→ll.
For this study at 500 GeV, the study should at least be done with nu-nu-H (WW-fusion and ZH) which is a clean experimental benchmark.
(For physics the ZH channel with Z→qq  would also be worth studying as it is likely the most powerful for physics and
at 500 GeV benefits from the relatively unambiguous jet pairing).

Main observables.

ΔBR(H→bbar, ccbar, gg)/BR from Δ(σ*BR)/(σ*BR) and Δσ/σ measurements.

Control variables.

b-tag, c-tag, JER, M_H


Masakazu Kurata, Ryo Yonamine


Hiroaki Ono, Frank Simon

Git repository.

IDR analysis note on Overleaf

Current version of analysis note 2020-01-09 V7

Candidate plots for IDR

Update plots and code at 2020-01-09


Source of the plots

Updated 2020-01-09



H. Ono, A. Miyamoto, "Evaluation of measurement accuracies of the Higgs boson branching fractions in the International Linear Collider",

H. Ono, "Higgs branching ratio study for DBD detector benchmarking in ILD",

M. Kurata, presentaion at Benchmarking Days,

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