This is only for admins! (Currently Katja and myself)

Useful links

Evernote made by Frank Gaede for iLCSoft

Twiki CERN for cvmfs


First get a kerberos ticket via kinit

Log on the cvmfs publishing machine 

ssh to cvmfs server
ssh calicecv@calice-cvmfs

To start to be able to modify /cvmfs/, you ll need to type this command

cvmfs transaction
cvmfs_server transaction

Then you can do whatever is needed, such as new folder, modify files as normal
The software needs to be compiled first on a machine with the desired flavor (i.e. sl6, sl7...) with the correct gcc and iLCSoft version (currently done on the server)
Then one can rsync the compiled software to the cvmfs server
rsync software
cd /cvmfs/<version>
rsync -avz <username>@naf-ilc:<path/to/software> .

This will do an incremental update of the folder /cvmfs/<version>

To save space, I would advise to remove the build folder except the myInstall folder inside build, this can be done by

Remove build
cd /cvmfs/<version>/build
rm -rf !("myInstall")

To publish the version, one needs to do

cd $HOME
cvmfs_server publish -a <name/of/the/release> -m "<description>"

The version should be available on cvmfs after about 10-15 mins (server are updated every 15 mins)

One can see the cvmfs tag by doing

cvmfs_server tag

List of the current tags

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