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Ad-hoc magnet groups
The magnet middle layer server has a new functionality. We can now add ad-hoc groups with a few keystrokes and a mouse click. This can be very handy for setting all magnets in a certain section to zero current: Type C.*SA3 as a regular expression (this means any name that starts with C and ends with SA3) Click the "→ Ad-Hoc Group" button Press "Set Current to Zero" Regular expressions can be tricky. See for a tutorial.…
Camera servers
Please switch off the camera servers after your measurements or investigations. This can be done with the 'server off' button on the top left corner of the camera expert panels (the position is shown in the left picture).  In case you want to switch off more than one camera server (or data acquisition and/or light) it is convenient to use the XFEL camera status panel. That ca be found on the main JDDD panel → Diagnostics → Camera status (in the bottom left corner of the panel).…
The console on the far left in the BKR is now for test purposes a Linux machine. It runs of course JDDD as well as all other programs needed for  XFEL operations.  Please consider using this computer during your shifts and give us feedback if you liked it or if you preferred to work on the Apple computers.  I am also collecting information about which console still has problems and which one is running perfectly fine. The goal is to get all computers in perfect conditions for the next runs. 

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