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  • Imaging by diffractive optics: Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) + beamshaping optics. Outermost zone width 50 nm.
  • Available imaging modes: Absorption-contrast and Zernike phase-contrast.
  • Sample preparation by FIB/SEM allows imaging samples with a diameter 8-80 μm.
  • Available region of interest tomography (ROI).

Key parameters

Designed energy: 9-14 keV

Field of view (µm)Spatial resolution (nm)Eff. pix size (nm)Scan time (min)Fast scan (min) 
50 x 505015nm - 25nm15 - 30< 3
85 x 85100 35nm15 - 30< 3 

Cameras specifications

Hamamatsu-CMOS camera

List of experienced samples

  • Nanoporous gold.
  • Ceramic nanomaterials.
  • Nanostructures linked to the structural coloration typical of birds, butterflies and insects.
  • Animal and human bones.
  • Tissues.
  • Micro-organisms.

Scientist in charge: Dr. Imke Greving, e-mail:

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