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Primary group selection does not work at the moment!

Due to a bug it is currently not possible to select a different primary group.
It is not necessary to select a group though, the "default" value should work.


We have a JupyterHub instance on which is reachable from worldwide IP ranges, not just the DESY network.

Starting Jupyter

To start a Jupyter Job on the NAF JupyterHub, login with your DESY credentials and select Job options like your primary group and whether 
you wish to use a GPU slot.

You then need to wait until HTCondor starts your jupyter job and the notebook server is spawned. 
This can take between 20s and 1min, so don't be too impatient,
we are also working on improving starting speeds but at the moment this is the status quo.

Once your server starts you see your AFS $HOME and can start a new Notebook by clicking on the "New" → "Notebook" → "Python 3"

Using Python Virtualenvs

It is recommended to use virtualenv for your environment.
To install a new virtualenv wiht the desired <NAME> in your AFS home open a terminal ("New" → "Terminal") 
and run the following command:

>python3 -m venv ~/<NAME>

And to add the virtualenv to your jupyter notebook session first activate the virtualenv and install the ipython kernel

>source ~/<NAME>/bin/activate

>pip install ipykernel

>ipython kernel install --user --name=<DISPLAY-NAME>

Where <DISPLAY-NAME> is the text you want to appear in the jupyter notebook selection menu,
it does not have to be the same as <NAME>

You can now start jupyter notebooks with the virtualenv kernel

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