Booking of the P02.1 chemistry laboratory

The beamline P02.1 runs its own laboratory for chemistry works, including a fume hood, a glovebox, muffle furnace and other laboratory equipment. Most substances can be handled in the P02.1 laboratory, however, you cannot use HF acid. This laboratory is also available to users from other beamlines or DESY staff. Please see the specific instructions below.

If you require any access to chemistry laboratories, all participants have to complete the “chemistry lab” in the DOOR safety training. See more here. For extended rules of the laboratory use, please see the document on the page with the technical assessment form.

Before your beamtime

Once filling in the sample declaration on for chemistry laboratory services on DOOR, you are, as a user of P02.1, automatically booked for our laboratory in building 47c/L016.

In case you require another chemistry lab (such as 47c/L031), please indicate this in DOOR as well when making the declaration.

Note: Be aware that the “declaration of substances” in DOOR does not apply to the chemistry laboratory services. For this, you also have to fill in the tab under “Access to chemistry laboratory”, where you also have to fill in all substances that you will handle inside the chemistry lab.

During your beamtime

Before you can use the chemistry laboratory, you must also complete an on-site lab introduction. If you are using the P02.1 lab (47c/L016), this will be done by one of the beamline staff. You do not need to make a separate appointment for this introduction. If you are using other support laboratories, you must make sure to have an appointment with the chemistry laboratory responsible.

Please note that it is expected that you follow the instructions from the beamline/laboratory support staff at all times. If users are misbehaving or safety rules are not followed, access to the lab and/or beamline can be revoked immediately.

Users from other beamlines and DESY staff

If you want to apply for the chemistry laboratory of beamline P02.1 (room 47c/L016) you have to follow the same instructions as above as for the users of beamline P02.1. However, before you proceed in booking the chemistry lab on DOOR you must contact the P02.1 beamline staff in advance. This is to check if a time slot is available for you. This is especially true for the usage of the glovebox or other devices in the laboratory (see below).

In order to book the P02.1 chemistry laboratory, you have to log in into your DOOR account and then apply via "Use of chemistry laboratory". Please state that you want to use the P02.1 chemistry laboratory and that P02.1 beamline staff has agreed to your access to the lab.

Booking of the glovebox in the P02.1 chemistry laboratory

The P02.1 glovebox is an Argon-filled glovebox with a small chamber / air lock and a big chamber / air lock. The glovebox can only be used for powders and solids. No liquids or solvents are allowed! The glovebox is usually equipped with a small balance (0.001 g) and Al pouch bag sealer.

For users of beamline P02.1

In case you have regular beamtime at the P02.1 beamline, then you just have to tick the glovebox usage in the "Technical Assessment Form". Then the glovebox will be automatically reserved for you during the period of your beamtime.

Please do not forget to book the chemistry lab in DOOR as described above, as otherwise, you will not have access to the glove box! Please also read the general rules for our glovebox below.

For users of other beamlines & internal users at DESY

Please get in contact with Volodymyr Baran ( or Martin Etter ( in order to become scheduled for the glovebox.

Please request the use of the glovebox by sending the following information to one of the above-mentioned contacts:

  1. Date/Time frame you want to use the glovebox
  2. Samples (exact chemical composition) you will treat
  3. Which tasks you plan to perform in the glovebox

After sending this information, you will be informed of whether you can be scheduled or not.

In order to access the glovebox, you need to apply for the P02.1 chemistry lab in DOOR and you need to complete the DOOR safety training for the chemistry lab (see above).

Before you start with the works in the glovebox, either Volodymyr Baran, Mario Wendt or Martin Etter will give you training for the safety installations in the chemistry lab and for the glove box. Please do not forget to make an appointment with one of them and please be aware that introductions are only given during regular office hours!

General rules for usage of the glovebox

You can read the rules for the glovebox in the documents below.

Booking of the Biologic potentiostat

The beamline P02.1 has two Biologic potentiostats available for use being a VMP-3 and VMP-300 (see below for possible use configurations). When making a booking for the potentiostat, please make sure you are able to use the current EC-Lab software on your computer.

  • The VMP-3
    • 8 channels
    • 400 mA, 10V
    • 1 EIS channel
  • The VMP-300
    • 8 channels
    • 400 mA (10 A with booster), 10V
    • 1 EIS channel
    • Optionally, channel(s) with up to 80A and 10V is possible

For users of beamline P02.1

Please get in contact with your local contact or other beamline staff to book one of our Biologic potentiostats.

For users of other beamlines & internal users at DESY

If you would like to use the potentiostat from the P02.1 elsewhere at DESY, please get in contact with Volodymyr Baran ( to arrange a potential booking. When getting in contact, please make sure to state the following:

  • Which potentiostat you would like to use
  • Date/Time frame you want to use it
  • Place/beamline where you would like to use it

If you are using the potentiostat at other beamlines than P02.1, you MUST acknowledge the use in a publication. Please see more on this page.

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