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The neutrino event IceCube 170922A, detected at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole, 
appears to originate from the distant active galaxy TXS 0506+056.
Multiwavelength flaring, observed from the radio to the TeV-regime,
is a regular phenomenon of BL Lac objects or blazars.
While many other blazers show properties similar to those of TXS 0506+056, 
only TXS 0506+056 has been identified as neutrino emitter so far.
In the talk I will explain that the enhanced neutrino activity during 
the neutrino flare in 2014–2015 and the single EHE neutrino
IceCube-170922A could have been generated by a cosmic collision within TXS 0506+056. 
Our findings seem capable of explaining the neutrino generation at the time of a low gamma-ray flux 
and also indicate that this AGN might be an atypical blazar.

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