As of September 2019, new NFS and SMB servers are available for accessing the Core filesystem and the read-only export of the common folder.

The new servers offer an highly available setup, more recent protocol versions for both SMB and NFS and better integration with GPFS.

In general, both and have been unified in a single endpoint for both NFS and SMB:
The share names are now more consistent and include the facility or research group.

The old servers have been turned off on 2020-02-03 10:00 AM.

For the full list of export servers, please see Data Access: Core FS and Data Access: Common

This page serves as a "too long; didn't read" and only highlights the relevant changes.

Changes for SMB users

For SMB users, 2 changes are required:

  1. Replace with
  2. Specify the now consistent share names, e.g. if you previously accessed PETRA III data, add petra3:
    \\\core → \\\petra3-core
    \\\core-flash → \\\flash-core
  3. For the read-only export of common, apply the same rule:
    \\\common → \\\petra3-common
    \\\common-flash → \\\flash-common

Changes for NFS users

Due to the security implications of NFS, access to the exports of the Core filesystem are now more restricted.

If you...

  • ...want to access data from time to time on your Linux desktop, use SMB
  • ...want to access data on the Linux beamline PCs, use NFSv4 with kerberos
  • ...want to access data on the Linux beamline PCs in an automated way or can not cope with 24h kerberos ticket lifetime, request NFSv4 without kerberos.

These restrictions only apply to the Core filesystem export, this does not apply to the read-only export of the common folder.

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